At Pole Shift Will Government Workers Act Like The Elite And Expect You To Serve Them?

Recently I mentioned that one year after the massive quake in Haiti, one million people are living in tents and have no work, homes, food, shelter, companionship, or anything other than the comforts herded cattle and herded sheep enjoy. Rape, assault, theft, robbery, murder and abject poverty are the norm and as the night falls, the gangs come out to terrorize. Meanwhile, a 100 million dollar hotel is almost completed at the airport for aid workers.

Nancy at ZetaTalk has said that by the end of the year the world will be in shock for what has happened; the scale of the disasters from earth movements will be unimaginable, and this is not even pole shift. In fact, by the end of the year, if pole shift is 10 out of 10, we will be at 7 out of 10. Soon the money and supplies will run out and there is only so much, people, even good, caring people can do. We haven’t even been able to help one million Haitians. What if Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan and Bangladesh sink and it is not even pole shift yet? What happens when the New Madrid Fault downwarps and 8 states are affected, and millions are homeless? And that is not pole shift either.

I mention that because Nancy also mentions that the elite of the earth are all counting on being Kings Of The Earth after the pole shift. The same elite who have had everything and drained the economies of the world to stock up. You have no problem identifying billionaires among the elite; but how far down the line do you draw the line?

Here she speaks to the government workers with the cushy bureaucratic jobs. The same jobs with all the benefits, paid sick time, health insurance, paid vacation, double pay for holidays, triple pay for double shifts, night differentials, weekend differentials, automatic pay increases, eye care, dental care, 401K retirement plans, and paid pensions going up each year with the cost of living.

Did you know that NYC cops get a pension based on their last year of pay and are allowed, by taking turns as they reach retirement age, to work extra time to pile on the numbers. Did you know that NYC cops have annual pension pay checks of $200,000 plus benefits? Did you know that toll takers on the NJ Turnpike earn over $300,000 a year?

I know that there are good hearted people in all positions in society from the top down, but did you know that the income of government workers has skyrocketed, while the incomes of normal people has declined? If they work for you, should they be robbing your pockets for their lifestyle?

A marine phrase is that a rising tide floats all boats. But in a dropping tide, only those anchored in deep waters keep from going aground on the rocks. So you didn’t know, or care, what the government workers earned, as long as you had a chance to get ahead yourself. Now that you don’t, does it gall you to see the government workers living high on the hog and going on vacations and buying new boats, and taking vacations, when you can’t pay all your bills, let alone feed your kids?

No, I am not suggesting class warfare. Not at all. Soon we will be in the same position, all of us, because the pole shift after times will last 25 or more years and no one, no matter who they are, will have that much food, fresh clothing, or possessions to be lord of anything. In fact, no matter where they came from, if they do not roll up their sleeves and jump in to help, they are not going to do well.

So first the elite will move into their enclaves, then the bureaucrats will demand that they be let in too. And then the surprise! How are the few going to control what little is left when the crowds break down the gates?

Here is an apt description of the selfishness of the elite and how the government workers will tend to identify with the ‘kings of the earth’, not you.  You are expendable and they are destined by the powerful to administrate you, until they get what you have. Have you noticed the general rule that it takes 8 well paid vacationed bureacrats to create and run the programs for each homeless, each mentally ill, each poor, and each of the poorly educated, who still get no benefits?

Recently Jesse Ventura did a show about the concentration camps. He misunderstood what these camps are designed for. They are not designed to process and kill people. No, after the pole shift, they will be used to separate out the breeding populaton of slaves and healthy 18 to 35 year olds will be taken to such camps. They will be the slave workers, and fed. It is everyone else who will be starved or executed. That was the plan for years. Now perhaps it will not come true if the lie of covering up Planet X can be exposed. Instead, doesn’t it make more sense to have survival communities working together to grow food, manufacture hand tools and barter items that are needed?

But don’t be surprised if your local government workers expect to be serviced. They are not used to work, they are used to paperwork. There will be no need for these types of people, so, either they roll up their sleeves and help all of us survive, or they get banished to the mythical world of elite narcissistic sociopaths with no empathy.

So I do not feel that after the pole shift we will need government rules. In fact, all governments will collapse and end. Unselfish survival communities will form and no one will need any politicians or bureaucrats. They will need empathetic  leaders in a truly democratic society. Any thing else would mean years of agony in the dark ages. Do we really need kings of the earth on the other side of this apocalypse? I do not think so.

So if you want to increase your chances of survival, stay away from any remnants of government. Take that as a guideline for your health. If you are successful in establishing an unselfish community with no selfish leaders, the unselfish ETs have pledged to help you in many ways not to be revealed now as to do so only increases the desire of the selfish to hurt the unselfish. The meek shall inherit the earth. To do that they may have to battle the callous vampires of the selfish for quite some while, but the end result is known. The selfish will get their just rewards.



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