Planet X Is Here!

By Gordon J. Gianninoto


These photos show absolute proof of Planet X in our Solar System. Look at the photos of the moon. In photo 1 notice that at the 11 o’clock position there is a dark circle on the moon’s face. In photo 2 it has moved to the 3 o’clock position. These two photos by themselves should not be. I will tell you that the moon does not rotate more than 7.7 degrees before 2003 when Planet X entered the solar system. Now look at photo 3. It is at the 2 o’clock position. Now look at photo 4: again it is at the two o’clock position. At photo 5 it is at the 2:30 position. But check out photo 6: it is at the 4:30 position. In photo 7 it is at the 8 o’clock position. In photo 8 it is at the 3:30 position. At photo 9 and 10 it is at the 2:30 position.

Another point of absolute proof Planet X is in our solar system is how far from the edge of the moon that dark circle is. As you know, there is a bulge in the shape of the moon, and that bulge always faces the earth. The moon does not rotate as seen from earth. The same side of the moon faces the earth UNTIL 2003. So now, looking at the distance of that same dark circle from the edge of the moon, notice in photo 1 and 3 the distance from the edge of that circle. Now, look at photo 10: the circle is almost over the edge.

This proves several things: one that people do not notice the natural world around them; two, something we all should be noticing, that the moon is not the same after all these years of being the same, and three, that something very large is affecting the position of the moon.

So let me make it clear to you. Digital cameras of high quality only became available to the public around 2002-2004. Before that, high quality images of the moon were taken in film only. If you look at old astronomy texts, you will see in photo of the moon, after photo of the moon, the change of that circle on the edge is at maximum 7.7 degrees. Now you see all of these digital images, no matter how taken or manipulated, are showing extreme movement of the rotation of the moon not only clockwise rotation, but equatorial rotation.

Wake up! Planet X is here and you can see the results in front of your face. Go take photos of the moon on any night in the new moon to full moon period. Sometimes the moon rotates more than 10 degrees in one hour. Are you all in denial? When are you going to admit that something is not right. I am telling you that what is not right is that Planet X is in between the sun and the earth and affecting the position of the moon. How can it not?


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