Domed Crater On Mars

by Gordon J. Gianninoto


USAF Radar Dome on Mars


Unless Buckminster Fuller took a vacation there, this is a geodesic dome someone else brought there, like, uhhh, the US Navy.


People don’t realize the navy jockeyed for position to control ‘ships’ in space.


That is why the US wants to extradite the hacker McKinnon from the UK. He hacked in to the pentagon and discovered lists of navy star ships, and the crews, and their payscales and ranks.


There is so much the public has not been told.


I tried various enhancements to see if the definition could be increased. The fact remains, this is a manufactured anomaly, nothing natural about it. Appears to be a large dome with a dimpled appearance similar to a golf ball.


There appears to be other structures on the inside of the crater, including the plateau below the dome and for lack of better description, tube like tanks?






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