Startling HD Videos of ET Starship Hovering Off Istanbul For Many Dates Over 3 Years; Possible Explanation, Snips Show ET Occupants In Windows Looking Out

For those of you who are new to the subject, UFOs are frequently captured around the world because so many people are using cameras all the time. From cameras in cell phones, to cameras the size of a pack of cigarettes, more digital photos are being taken than ever before. Many of the cameras have ranges outside of human vision, into the infrared, and take things that cannot be seen, and record them so they can be seen. There are so many UFO photos on the internet now it is difficult if not impossible to keep up with them.

But this is a very interesting case with many differences. In the area of Istanbul, Turkey, the Dardanelles Strait leads to the Bosporus Strait and the Black Sea. It has historically been acknowledged that to the west is Europe and to the East is Asia. On the coast of Istanbul is the Sea of Marmara, which goes from the Greek portion of the Mediterranean through the straits to the Black Sea.

Over a period of three years, the same UFO hovered over the same spot above the Sea of Marmara, and was  seen by thousands and photographed, but caught the attention of the foremost UFO researcher in Turkey who used a 200 power zoom on a High Definition Video Camera to capture these videos which you can see in the below YouTube links. All of the images are of the same ship. It appears to be triangular seen from below and appearing at times to be a mushroom, a banana and a series of red or white lights making a curve. With so many opportunities to film it, it appears to have been capture from every angle.

What is also very different about the videos is that when they were shot, one of the foremost UFO researchers in the world, Dr. Roger Leir, who is famous for removing implants from humans who were abducted, happened to be in Turkey for a conference and was standing behind the videographer when the footage was shot. I will add that Dr. Leir believes the cases he has examined are somehow connected to a government cabal possibly in association with selfish ETs. But he states that he believes these UFO images are of unselfish ETs who wish to announce publicly that they are ‘here’.

Then these images were examined by the top image research firms in Turkey and the U.S., including Dr. Richard Boylan, whose email is reproduced below. They attest to the fact that these videos are of the same ship hovering usually early in the morning, but also during the day, over three consecutive summers.

Watch the video.

Beyond that, what makes these images even more remarkable, is that they show a notch in the center of one side, with an apparent window, and I am not making this up, two gray aliens standing lit inside the window looking out. They have heads with no hair and appear to be wearing sunglasses, which is a typical description of the unselfish human Zetas.

Watch This Video

Now going to we learn that selfish ETs are banned from being seen in public or being filmed; and the unselfish ETs are hovering in areas that will be submerged in the coming pole shift, and are telepathically warning the residents that they have to plan their escape. These messages will stay at a subconscious level until events make it safe to evacuate at the last minute. Of course there are skeptics and those in denial about the entire subject, from ET ships to telepathic messages, to coming pole shift. But who are you going to believe, denying skeptics, or your own eyes.

I snipped images from these videos for your perusal and I hope you take the time to look at them and let this sink in. UFOs are here, their occupants can be seen in the windows, and they have been witnessed by thousands on many many dates over 3 summers. These are not the selfish ones who built the pyramids, made man to be gold mining slaves, pretended to be gods, or selfishly dominated the world. They are the unselfish ETs who are warning us of pole shift, and letting us know they are here and you may ask them for help, now and or later. There may be a day when no help from any earthly source is possible, and you should consider asking for help. If you have made a conscious choice by intention and behavior to be unselfish, and proven it, they may just help you in ways you do not now know are possible. Read ZetaTalk to find out more about this.

As you look around you in the natural world, many pet animals are strange looking and yet you have no problem relating to them. Well, ETs do look different, but just as a pet animal does not look like you, yet you have a beautiful relationship, so too ETs do not look like us, yet, by their behaviors you will learn they are our equals, and care for us deeply. Of course, there may be an element of surprise at their appearance, but you soon get over it as you realize many people from earth do not look like you and may startle you upon first viewing and meeting them, yet they are the finest kind of friends. All of this may take getting used to, but this would not be happening if they did not want to introduce themselves, so go ahead get used to it.


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