A Faded Piece of Papyrus Refers to Jesus’ Wife and Why This Is True


Here we have the first scriptural proof of Jesus being married. As I have long said, Jesus was a rabbi and the only purpose of a rabbiis to have children because the only way you can become a rabbi is to be the child of one. Mary Magdalene was his wife, and this willthrow a monkey wrench into the allegations that Jesus was single and therefore women cannot be priests, per the catholic church.

Of course this is from a gospel, written in Coptic, so those who do not believe it will say it is blasphemous, blah blah blah….

But I say it is true, whether you like it or not. Of course women are spiritually equal, if not usually superior to men and should be part of the priesthood. And priests should not have to be celibate. These are the end times and all truths will be coming out. Get ready for it.

Jesus was married, he survived the crucifixion, and lived for more than 100 years and died in Kashmir, where you can visit the churchbuilt around his tomb. His wife took the kids to France and ended up on the throne of England for a while until the German royal family did theirbest to exterminate all the ‘Stewarts’, but their bloodline survives in Scotland. If you want to read the true story of Jesus, look for SirLaurence Gardner’s book “THE BLOODLINE OF THE HOLY GRAIL”. His discoveries were stolen by Dan Brown for the books andmovies which did not keep to the truth. I do not usually comment on religion, but much can be learned about the story of Jesus if youdisregard all the things that were changed to make him into a religion. Gardner’s book should be required reading before any discussion ofthe life of Jesus can begin. Do not even open the book if you do not have an open inquisitive mind because it will change forever what youthink of religion. But it will reinforce every good thing that Jesus ever said or taught. But much of what was said about him will have to go.Remember, Jesus was a real person with a real message, but religion made many of the things that happened into more than the truth forone purpose only: to control people. I always thought there was a lot missing from the New Testament. Now I can see the true story of Jesus,and admire him no less.

First below we have the skeptical review by Wikipedia of the book.

Then we have the news of the recent papyrus finding.

Below that we have Sir Laurence Gardner’s own words on the subject including details of the Nazarenes and the Essenes which you need to know to understand this.

And at the bottom, the prices to get a copy; hardly breaking the bank.

Of course there is no DNA evidence if EVERYONE REFUSES TO DO THE TESTS!

For more information or to purchase this book simply click on its title: Bloodline of the Holy Grail  


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