It’s an old joke – this is going on your permanent record!  One misstep, one bad deed and your permanent record is ruined. But what if you did have a permanent record? What if every deed, thought and feeling was recorded for all time?

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Many people are unfamiliar with the Akashic Records, but the Records have been referenced in great books throughout written history. There are mentions of the “Tablets of Destiny” or the “Book of Life” in the “Jewish Torah, the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible as well as in the Islamic Qur’an. As a global concept found throughout China, Japan, India, Egypt, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, the Book of Life is described as a record of a person’s deeds and destiny.” (Excerpt from The New Akashic Records by Cheryl Trine). The Tibetans and other mystical cultures have often accessed this vibration. Scientist Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D. refers to this energy as “The Akashic Field and Edgar Cayce, the famous Sleeping Profit, accessed the Akashic Record for his clients.” He even started a medical center based on the information he received, in the Records.

By Lisa Barnett

But what exactly are the Akashic Records? What form do they take? Who or what uses them? Akasha is the Sanskrit word for the primordial source energy that is imprinted by each soul as it travels on its journey from inception to the present moment. For now, though, let’s start by saying the Akashic Record is the informational arm of divine source energy. Those that study the Record often refer to it as a library. It is the divine library, where throughout time, soul Records of everyone and everything that has a soul have been stored. Every person has his or her own Akashic Record in which each individual soul’s journey throughout time is imprinted.

Imagine that you have a personal library filled with books and each book represents alifetime. You may have 600 or 800 lifetimes just here on planet Earth and everything that your soul has thought, felt, or acted upon throughout time is in the Akashic Record. We are all infinite beings with vast Akashic Records. These Records are so vast that each of us has our own Masters, Teachers and Beings of Light that keep track of the information for us.

So are these Records used to enact some sort of Divine retribution for all the bad deeds we’ve done or even thought about doing? Are our Akashic Masters our final judge, jury and executioners? Far from it. These records serve multiple purposes and all to help us on our journey. First of all, they are available to us to review and learn from. We can access our Masters to answer personal questions about our current life, and our past lives that may be affecting us today. They help us to recognize the negative patterns we express, not just in this lifetime but even from multiple lifetimes. Wouldn’t it be great to understand that your greatest obstacles in life are simply old patterns you brought into this world that you can overcome?

The Records also contain information about the lessons we are working on in this lifetime and how we are progressing. Did you realize that the tragedy you experienced in your childhood was actually planned by your soul to create a learning experience to make you stronger and healthier and empower you as an adult? The Records show how our souls are connected to the people in our lives and for what purpose. They contain all the contracts, karma and promises we have made. That terrible boss isn’t in here to make your life miserable. Maybe she’s here to teach you patience, or humility. Or you may be here to help her remember who she is as a divine soul. Now is a good time to practice gratitude for all the opportunities you’ve been given to learn and grow in this lifetime!

In addition to recording what has happened in the past, the Akashic Records also record the future. In reality, the past, present and future are all NOW and it’s only living in a linear world that makes us perceive things as already happened or yet to happen. Because of this, things we perceive as having happened in this life, or a past life, can be healed within the Akashic Records, removing that bad habit for all time. So, the Akashic Records are not written in stone. You have choices and your choices will affect your records. Because they are of the energy of potential, they point toward the highest possibility.

Our Akashic Record helps us to see our lives, which often include trauma and emotional pain, in a different way, from a more complete perspective. Sometimes life feels as if we’re stuck in a maze, just wandering around hoping to find the exit. The appearance of being in a maze is part of the game our soul chooses to play with us. The only problem being, we don’t know it’s a game, nor are we aware of the point of playing the game. The Akashic Records quickly show us that we are to remember whom we truly are as infinite and divine souls playing a human game, at least for now.

Imagine that you are a magnificent divine spirit who has lived throughout eternity, and that you know all there is to know. You are part of the divine source and you are one with God. You are pure Light and you land on earth to play the human game of life, trapped in the illusion of limitation because you find yourself in a confined space –a little body. Part of the game is that you are going to forget everything you knew before being human, and you are going to play in this earth plane to experience life and see how fast you can remember the truth of who you were as the magnificent divine being you started out as being. Whew! That was a mouth full. Just image what your soul felt like going through it. So, that is the game we all play on ourselves here on earth. We are humans seeking to remember our divinity.

You are in the middle of the maze, and you want to see how fast you can move from the center out into infinity, unity, and divinity. How fast can I remember who I really am? Answering that question is why your soul prompts you to seek, question, and yearn to know thyself. Knowing yourself can be as simple as having an Akashic consultation or learning to access your own Akashic Records.

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