Life is always inviting you to discover what is missing, show you what you have denied or left unhealed. Life brings the opportunities for your greatest gifts to unfold. Will it be hard? Will it be easy? It will be what you make up about it. In the end, it is an opportunity to see how you create, what you really believe and what that perspective brings into your experience. Look around. What’s going on? What are the challenges? The obstacles? The places of resistance? Why do they appear?
These are the places where you are in bondage and servitude. They are intended to engage inquiry as to where you hold lack, limitation, distortion and disempowerment…. Because you are more! Your life is meant to be more; your purpose and experience are greater than you have allowed! Obstacles are not required, unless you need angst in order to let go. An easier route is the conscious path of love, courage and commitment.  
When your attachments become more important than what really matters, it is time to make the choice to consciously detach or be forced to let go. Attachments can be a variety of things… life as you know it, behaviors, relationships, jobs, identity… pain, struggle, or the need to be right… 
Let go. Open to the expansiveness and freedom that surrounds you, but you have not seen. In your willingness to break down and break apart who you think are, you will find your real truth and desires reveal themselves.  
 Don’t be surprised when what you want is opposite of everything you thought you had to have. 
 Don’t be surprised when what you have had materially no longer holds meaning. 
 Don’t be surprised when what touches the heart and fills the soul becomes more important than the masks you had to keep in place. 
 Don’t be surprised when those who filled you up are no longer necessary to feel full. 
 Don’t be surprised when the life you have settled into no longer fits who you are what you are willing to experience. 
The illusion is that external things, people, the material world or superficial lifestyle is what can fill you up. In fact, that’s what you made up about life, the story you told yourself. It is the story you bought into that has been passed down for too long. You thought you were doing the ‘right’ thing, and your best thinking got you where you are. It is time to lose your mind, loose your spirit, and follow your heart. 
Every moment of your life appears to move you toward a place of nothingness, breaking away the framework you believed necessary. Nothingness is the gateway to expansion of being and allowing, instead of the old paradigms of doing and toiling. You are not the body, the identity, the ego, your job, your role, or your personality. That is the house of cards. Let it crumble … venture down the rabbit hole ‘Alice’… Be in wonderland.   
Open to what may feel like emptiness inside. It will feel like vacancy except for all the questions it holds. It may be perceived as depression, boredom or loneliness but that is the illusion. It is openness, a space you are not used to having. You name it other things, old things you were taught. But if you take time to really feel into it, you may discover a difference. Approach it with a sense of inquiry, wonder and adventure. It needs nothing because it is available to awaken to everything. It is not ‘a wanting’ but is ‘awaiting’…  
 It is awaiting your awareness. 
 It is awaiting your presence. 
 It is awaiting your embodiment. 
 It is awaiting the experience you will now choose. 
Can you feel it? Do you? Close your eyes for a moment… focus in and between your heart and gut. Do you feel that gentle quiver? Tune in; it is a raging river. It is you, ready to run wild and free… a bull in a china shop! You have attempted to keep Spirit in a bottle! But Spirit cannot be contained.  
There is passion brewing. This energy of excitement is ready to be on fire, instead of in the fire; or even having your feet to the fire. You are the ember ready to blaze. The Youniverse is calling. Are you ready to respond to the pull of the heart? Some part of you knows it must be… there is no other way to go… The call is loud and strong. And, there can be no more excuses to deny it. 
Personal Power is ‘personal’. It cannot come from another. Others will inspire you, motivate you… even challenge you as a mirror to who you are. In the end, only YOU can actually choose to walk in your power by saying, ‘No more excuses! No more settling for less than I deserve!’ You will finally say, ‘I give me to me and walk my own unique path’. In doing so, you make life personal; you finally connect to your own being. Your soul is calling you to the heart of the matter, where your unique genius lies.  
Are you ready to walk the path of love, courage and commitment? Will you finally be in full devotion to your soul? Will you dive into a new playground called aliveness? It is time to find your road… and follow it! 
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Simran Singh is the author of “Your Journey to Enlightenment: Twelve Guiding Principles of Love, Courage and Commitment in the New Dawn,” published by New Page and due out December 2013. 

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