Akashic Records and Astral Projection

Posted by Astral Projection Team on 10, May 2011

Derived from the Sanskrit word for “space” or “sky”, the akashic records refer to a world of knowledge on a non-physical plane of existence, or the astral plane. Within these records, one can find a “library” of thoughts. Believers in the akashic records contend that the library contains a record of every thought, event, and occurrence throughout history. Most believe these records to be accessible only through mystical means, such as through astral projection or hypnosis.
Historically, the records were first mentioned in Buddhism and Hindu philosophies. Because these religions have close ties to astral projection, the akashic records and astral travel often go hand in hand. Although astral projection is not the only way to access these records, it is certainly the most common and the easiest way to find them. For most, a desire for knowledge encourages them to seek out the records. A visit to the records can promote enlightenment, encourage spiritual awakening, and allow one to learn about past lives. There are also specific accounts of a akashic records found in many documents throughout history, making it easy to find out more about these records and the information found therein.
Astral Projection and Accessing the Akashic Records
Generally speaking, astral travel allows you to go anywhere you wish and see anything you desire. For this reason, it is possible to view the akashic records from any specific time period. When you endeavor to travel the astral plane, your goals will need to be clear upfront, so as to encourage the astral body to leave the physical one in search of the answers you need. If your goal is to find out more about your past lives, you will want to make that clear as you meditate and attempt astral travel. Like the physical body, the astral body needs direction in order to find its way to the things you seek out.
It is believed that the akashic records are found in the Real Time Zone RTZ), which is on the astral plane. Reaching the RTZ requires concentration, meditation, and a higher state of consciousness. Even more intense than a routine astral projection experience, one that allows you to reach this higher plane of existence can take many years of practice to achieve. In time, you will be able to fin the answers you need by accessing these elusive records. Before you can succeed in reaching the akashic records, you must be able to completely clear the mind from distractions and become totally calm. In time, you will find your way to the akashic records so you can gain the knowledge you seek.
Astral Projection Tips To Reach the Akashic Records
Before you attempt to reach this mystical library, you should be prepared to be experienced in astral projection itself. Without skill in this field, you will not have success in reaching the RTZ. If you endeavor to reach the records without ever having traveled the astral plane, you will not be met with success. Often, it can take many years of practice before ever achieving success in astral projection. Once you travel the astral plane, you can attempt to delve deeper by attempting to reach the RTZ.

Persistence — No matter what your goals, it pays off to be patient and keep attempting astral projection. Because it can take much practice, persistence will really pay off in your attempts.

Visualization — For many, visualization techniques are a useful tool in achieving successful astral projection. By believing it is possible for the astral body to separate, you allow your fear to subside and your astral body to separate.

Affirmations — Often, it is useful to use positive affirmations as you attempt astral projection. Telling your astral body that it can separate may be just the encouragement you need to achieve success in traveling the astral plane.
No matter what your astral projection goals are, you will find a world of knowledge, adventure, and experience to be had on the astral plane. If you hope someday to reach the akashic records, it will take time and practice to do so. Like so many others, the curiosity about the past and a desire to know more about the future creates a desire to reach the mystical library. In time, it is possible to reach the records for yourself and find the answers you seek.

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