Facilitate Astral Projection experiences with Kundalini Yoga

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Yoga has been used as a tool for enlightenment for thousands of years. Yoga is a meditation for the body and the mind, releasing stored energy blockages and balancing the energy of the body in ways that not many exercise programs can offer. Kundalini Yoga has it’s roots in the Vedic tradition and it has been used for centuries to gain access to the higher realms of consciousness that exist in, around and between the atoms that make up our physical existence.


Kundalini is seen as the energy of enlightenment. It is a serpent of vibration that is curled at the base of the spine, waiting to rise up from it’s sleep and bring clarity and awareness to our lives through the poses and movements that stimulate the flow of this Chi energy up through all of the chakras, raising our vibration so profoundly that it gives way to experiences of a mystical nature.

Anyone of us has the capacity for such spiritual evolution, but most of us are not yet ready to experience it. If we were, this planet would have considerably less heartbreak, suffering and pain than is currently being expressed. Kundalini Yoga stimulates an elevation of consciousness, and this awakening makes an individual much more ripe for experiences like Astral Projection than they may previously have been.

Kundalini Yoga for Astral Projection

When the mind is calm and the body is relaxed, astral experiences are more likely to occur. Kundalini Yoga opens up the door to awareness by engaging the mind in quiet exploration, detaching the notion of who we are from the mental constructs that we have used to define us. In effect, Kundalini Yoga prepares us to see the way forward in our spiritual evolution. Those who are ready for such experiences need only begin on the path to finding them. Kundalini Yoga offers the potential astral traveler an open invitation to engage in realms beyond intellectual comprehension. It frees up restriction and busts through nagging doubts about whether or not we can achieve higher levels of awareness with movements that are simple, yet vibrationally complex.

We humans are offered many pathways to the truth of our being. Some people never choose to walk these pathways, preferring instead the comfort of what they perceive as ‘real’ to the unseen world of vibration and awareness. People who have the courage to seek out other worlds will eventually find them, but only after they have fully accepted the possibility that they can. For these people, Earth isn’t the only place that offers adventure on a grand and beautiful scale. The true journey is the one that takes us to the inner realms, where we are not limited by only what we can see, touch and smell. There we will find the hidden stone; the part of ourselves that is timeless, beautiful and majestic. We will not only find consciousness, but we will discover that not only are we a part of the Universal mind, but in many ways, we are also the source of it.

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