Discover Different Astral Projection Techniques

There are a variety of different astral projection techniques which can be used to astral project. It stands to reason, because all people are different that certain techniques may work for some people but not for everyone. Strangely enough, most people experience difficulty not because the techniques aren’t working but because they aren’t able to sufficiently relax.

Regardless of the astral projection techniques you decide to use, complete relaxation is crucial. Many people new to astral projection unfortunately have trouble relaxing mainly due to unfounded fears. These fears, for the most part, is a result of untrue rumors, claiming it’s possible to be harmed when astral projecting. Luckily, through research, the Canterbury Institute attempted to put an end to these misconceptions.
All the individuals who were part of the research study participated in astral projection and the institute determined that none of these people were hurt in any way after following these techniques. Additionally, the institute established that the 2,000 people followed for less than three years reported no problems.
Now that we’ve dispatched with any fears and concerns, let’s take a look at some techniques. All the techniques discussed are relatively simple and have had great success. The ‘Monroe Technique” will be the first technique we discuss. It consists of seven main steps.
 Essential to this technique is relaxing your mind and body. Numerous relaxation techniques can be used but the most popular and easiest one entails deep breathing and relaxing your muscles. To do this, you must inhale and exhale deeply and also be able to tense and relax your muscles, starting with your toes and going through it one at a time.

 Achieving a hypnotic state of mind. This state of mind is essentially where your mind and body are at the brink of sleep. You should not actually fall asleep and it is advisable that you use the gazing method in order to avoid doing so. The gazing method involves lying on your bed and focusing on any object in the room. Continue staring at the object until you can close your eyes and still see it in front of you.
 At this point, you will need to go deeper into your state of mind until you reach the point where you can see the object even when your eyes are closed. It may be possible at this point to see different light patterns, maybe even a purplish light. You don’t need to pay attention to these lights, but know that once you’ve reached a deeper state, you won’t even see the lights. Once this point is reached, you’ll be in such a state of relaxation, you’ll have no awareness of your physical body.

 According to Monroe, the next step is crucial and requires entering a state of vibration. These vibrations can usually be felt during early stages of astral projection, according to the majority of people who actively pursue astral projection techniques. These vibrations are felt at the stage when the astral body separates from the physical body, it’s widely accepted. No one should feel alarmed as it is important to feel those vibrations.
 State of vibrations and Controlling Them. One needs to focus on vibrations and moving them through their body in order to do this. You should aim to feel these vibrations all over your body. Once you’ve reached this stage, it should feel as if waves are washing over you. Until you can bring this feeling, you should continue practicing this until you can do it at will. When you’ve reached the point you can bring these waves whenever you wish, then you’ve reached the stage where you can leave your physical body.

 Having control is undeniably the key to successful astral projection and astral travel. It’s your mind that has all the power. Monroe actually suggests practicing partial separation to strengthen level control. One should allow a hand or foot to separate while maintaining focus on the concept of leaving your physical body. Once you can do this, you should attempt to stretch them towards an object nearby, whether you choose a ceiling, the wall, or even a random item in the room. Once you’ve succeeded at this, you should allow your foot or hand to return to its physical body. To bring your session to an end, slow down the vibrations.

 The next step involves complete separation from ones physical body. If you’ve followed all the previous steps, you should attempt to release your full body rather than a hand or foot. This stage is equally similar to partial separation except for the fact that you want your entire astral body to separate from your physical body. You should be focusing on just how light your body feels in order to achieve this. Ideally, you should envision your body as being made of feathers, as if it were totally weightless and being blown away by a breeze. Once your astral body leaves your physical body, you’ll experience a floating or flying sensation.

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