Astral Travel in the 4th dimension

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In day-to-day life, most people are only aware of the three dimensions in which we perceive things. For most, the world is conceptualized in three-dimensional space—length, width, and depth. These dimensions allow us to see objects around us in their true forms. Through scientific study, physics, and other theories, scientists began to acknowledge the existence of a 4th Dimension, which is known as space-time. In this dimension, the concepts of space and time are combined to create a perception of spaces in a whole new way.

The History of the 4th Dimension

First studied by mathematicians in the 1800s, the fourth dimension gained much attention throughout the scientific world. It was in 1827 that August Möbius, a German mathematician, first discovered the concept of this new dimension. The next several decades saw many mathematicians follow in his footsteps to make major strides in understanding the possibilities found within this new dimension. In the 1850s, Bernard Rienmann and Ludwig Schläfli would take the study of the fourth dimension even further with groundbreaking discoveries about its arithmetic possibilities.

Einstein took the concept of the fourth dimension even further with his studies of Special and General Relativity. As Einstein delved deeper into the subject, the world’s curiosity about its possibilities would be peaked. Authors would begin to speculate about the fourth dimension and the world of possibilities that might be found therein. HG Wells would forever change the concept of space and time with his masterpiece “The Time Machine”. JW Dunne would also conquer the issue in the well-known “An Experiment With Time”. Once the world got a glimpse of the ideas presented in these and other books, they would begin to explore the prospect of travelling to the 4th dimension.

What is Found on the 4th Dimension?

When you travel to the fourth dimension, you will find several sub-planes, each at a unique frequency. The seven sub-planes found on the 4th Dimension are:

The sub-planes correspond with different material, matter, and conditions. As you explore different sub-planes, you may notice different vibratory sensations, emotions, and sensations in each one. As you move through this dimension, most believe you do so with your astral body, subtle body, or spiritual self. Although skeptics think this dimension only exists in the imagination, those with experience understand the profound impact travel through this dimension can have.

How Do You Navigate Through The 4th Dimension?

Although it can take time to master the ability to travel through this dimension, you do so by creating harmony between the emotions and the intentions. This harmony will work with the consciousness to allow the experience to become possible. Our intentions will contribute the purpose of the travels, while our emotions allow us to reach higher frequencies within the dimension. The more elevated your mood or emotional state is, the higher sub-plane you will be able to reach. How you enter into the experience will have a high bearing on the totality of the experience.

The Role of Vibration of the 4th Dimension

Progression through the sub-planes will be tied to vibration and changes in density, similar to the experience of astral projection. The higher the sub-plane, the more vibration there will be and the less dense the environment will become. Through this experience, you can achieve transformation of the consciousness, which will allow you to reach new levels of spirituality. Since the astral plane is one of the 7 sub-planes, many people relate the 4th dimension solely to astral projection; the fact is it has many more possibilities and a plethora of other experiences tied to it.

If you, like many others worldwide, want to discover the thrill of travelling the fourth dimension, it can take time. With a long history steeped in scientific study and evidence, it’s hard to dispute the existence of this deeper dimension. Whether in search of spiritual answers or simply an entirely unique experience, the 4th dimension has many possibilities that don’t exist in the other three. When you’re ready to find out for yourself, it’s important to remember the roles of emotions and intentions in your ability to make the most of your travels.

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