Astral Entities and What They Can Do For You

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As a wholly unique plane of existence, the astral plane is surrounded by mystery and often fear. For centuries, people have sought out travel on the astral plane in search of answers, healing, and spiritual enlightenment. Closely linked to religions, yoga, and many other meditative practices, astral projection is a type of out of body experience (OBE). Basic knowledge of the event suggests that most of us have experienced astral travel at some point in our lives—either consciously or subconsciously. Whether you are aware of it or not, your astral body is capable of traveling the astral plane in search of knowledge that cannot be gained on the physical plane.

When you travel the astral plane, the astral body (subtle body or spirit) leaves the physical one behind to experience a whole new world. This world is full of endless possibilities and is completely free from the limitations of the physical world. Often, attempts at astral projection are encouraged by a desire for a higher level of spirituality, answers to a burning real world question, or assistance with a problem on the physical plane. Whatever makes you want to travel the astral plane, it is possible to encounter other entities in your travels, called astral entities.

Astral Entities – What Are They?

The earliest records of astral travel occurred in Ancient Greece and Egypt. During these times, people would travel the astral plane in search of a connection with spirits or higher beings. These entities would provide guidance, comfort, and answers. These entities always await you on the astral plane, but your ability to see them or interact with them depends completely on your goals in your travels. The astral plane itself is a product of your needs, emotions, and goals. These entities are also made up of these things.

Spirit guides are most commonly sought out on the astral plane. They are one of the many astral entities that may be encountered. Spiritual beings are often waiting on the astral plane to pass along a message or provide guidance to those of us that exist on the physical plane. Although some people have been taught to fear astral entities, there really is nothing to fear. They are only negative if you enter the astral plane with negative emotions or energy. Even in these cases, they cannot harm you in any way. The astral plane is a safe place from which you always return unharmed.

How to Astral Project Successfully

If you want to find out for yourself what these astral entities are like, you must first attempt astral projection. It can take much practice to succeed, so patience will play a key role in your ability to see the astral plane for yourself. With the use of meditation, breathing exercises, relaxation, and goal setting, you will eventually be able to find out about astral projection for yourself. When you’re ready to get started, you will need to find a quiet and relaxing place so you won’t be interrupted. Being comfortable will certainly help you find success in your attempts to astral project.

Some techniques and tools that can help include binaural beats, creative visualization, affirmations, and breathing exercises. When you decide to give astral projection a try, it may take time to figure out which methods or techniques will help you find success. The biggest obstacle you will have to overcome is fear, which can take much practice. In time, you will find your way to astral projection success so you can interact with spirit guides or achieve whatever goals you may have in your attempts.

This centuries old practice can help you in many ways. From solving real world problems to coping with the death of a loved one, astral travel is a powerful tool that can guide you to a higher level of knowledge in many areas. For most, astral projection is a life-changing experience that will become a lifelong practice. Whatever you seek out in your travels, you will find many answers and revelations to be found on the astral plane. Persistence in your attempts will reap the rewards of deeper spirituality, conflict resolution, communication with spirit guides, and much more.


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