Out of Body Experience – What Happens When You Leave Your Body?

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An Out of Body Experience (OBE) is a deeply personal experience that can have profound effects. With the ability to change one’s outlook, deepen spirituality, and provide access to answers to life’s deepest questions, OBEs are a popular way to achieve enlightenment. There are several types of OBE and many ways in which to experience one. Depending on your goals and your willingness to practice, you can experience a variety of OBEs. Astral projection is one of the many types of OBE and is the one you are most likely to seek out on your own.

Types of Out of Body Experience

  • Involuntary — This type of OBE occurs quite by accident, and can happen with or without consciousness. They can be in the form of vivid dreams, after which you wake up tired. If there is consciousness of this type of OBE, you may wake up in the middle of a dream.
  • Voluntary — During this type of OBE, you will choose to have the experience. This can be done with or without consciousness. This type of OBE can be remote viewing, lucid dreams, or astral projection. Remote viewing is likely to be done without consciousness and astral projection is likely to be done with consciousness.

What Part of You Leaves During Astral Projection?

When you choose to have an OBE, you are allowing your astral body to travel the astral plane. During this experience, your physical body will remain stagnant while the astral body or subtle body leaves. Depending on your goals in seeking out an OBE, you will be able to travel to any time or place during the experience. Projection allows you to use the subconscious mind to seek out answers or enlightenment, while always being connected to your physical self. With practice, you will learn to control the movements and experiences of the astral body throughout the experience of astral projection. The goal is to remain fully aware of the experience in order to retain the knowledge gained therein.

Why Seek Out Astral Projection?

The intensely personal experience of astral projection allows for many different possibilities. Each person seeks out the experience for unique reasons and will gain different things each time they travel the astral plane.

The most common reasons for OBE are:

  • Learning — Spiritual training is a major factor in seeking out travel on the astral plane. Many believe our spiritual learnings are much more profound during astral projection, as it is possible for you to commune with higher beings or spirit guides.
  • Teaching — For some, the opportunity to connect with others during projection makes it possible to share knowledge on the astral plane. Spiritual enlightenment can be gained or shared on the astral plane.
  • Healing — The power of astral travel extends to the physical world. Healing from real-world ailments or illnesses is quite possible through these experiences. The healing can also extend to emotional and mental ailments.
  • Problem Resolution — Often, real world problems can be difficult to solve. Through travel on the astral plane, it is possible to find the solution to a problem that has eluded you on the physical plane. Often, it is possible to act out the solution on the astral plane in order to figure out the answer that will work in the physical world.
  • Perception — Traveling the astral plane will also give you an entirely new perception of the world around you. Spiritual enlightenment and a whole new view of the world can have a major impact on day-to-day life. For most, this is the most lasting affect of an OBE.

How to Get Started With Having an Out of Body Experience

Like all things, OBEs take practice. Although some of them occur involuntarily, seeking one out can take time. When you decide you want to have the experience for yourself, be prepared to have a great commitment to repeated practice before finding success. In time, you can find the answers you’re after by traveling the astral plane. Whether you’re in search of answers, enlightenment, healing, or many other things, astral projection is a powerful tool that can help you achieve a new level of personal development and growth.

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