Ancient Egyptian ET Carving and a Modern Canadian Coin Showing ET Hybrid


Well here it is, more proof that Nancy Lieder’s Zetatalk,  <>   is right about everything. For me, the at least 2,000 year old bas relief carving in Egypt of a Zeta is knock-em-dead proof they have been here a long time. Are there two mummies — one a hydrocephalic child, and the other an adult Zeta? That is not clear at all. But the carving is of a ZETA. With that alone, you should be speechless.

But the Canadian government has sidestepped the worldwide coverup orchestrated by the US Government, by actually issuing a $20 silver coin showing the 100% human unselfish ZETA hybrid [wearing a hooded down jacket, no less], in a canoe touching his Native American ancestor’s reflection in a lake. The Zeta is real, the native reflection shows the link to the past. As ZETATALK has stated many times, all governments, religions and economies will collapse at poleshift, but the unselfish ZETAS will build high tech domed cities to take in unselfish people. Canada, with all of it vast lands, is inviting the Zetas to set up in Canada after the poleshift. And with the new north pole being offshore of Recife, Brazil, Canada, all of it, will be a temperate land much to be desired as a new frontier. This coin essentially says ‘Screw the US government and the horse they rode in on, we read Zetatalk, we know this is all real, and Canada plans to be in the forefront of the poleshift aftertime, with open ET contact.’

And then there are the Chinese with enough to worry about that they have decided not to spend one more minute covering up ETs, UFOs, and ETs on the Moon. You would never see NASA intentionally releasing photos showing alien artifacts on the Moon or Mars. So here is the latest satellite photo of the Moon taken by the Chinese Chang’e-2 satellite showing a huge collection of buildings, apparently of industrial size, on a slope on the Moon. Doesn’t this photo essentially say ‘Screw the US government and the horse they rode in on, we read Zetatalk and we know all this is real and we are showing that the CHINESE ARE NOT AFRAID OF THE TRUTH

Doesn’t this photo essentially say ‘Screw the US government and        the horse they rode in on, we read Zetatalk and we know all this        is real and we are showing that the CHINESE ARE NOT AFRAID OF        THE TRUTH’

So, the always free newsletter from ZETATALK which arrived today, dated tomorrow has the following descriptions with links. I took the liberty of going to the links and snipping the images and putting them into the  ZT newsletter to make it EASY TO SEE AND UNDERSTAND that what I and they have been saying and writing about for years is true

Also, I am attaching other images, of real ZETAs, from a video anonymously released by insiders in the US government, showing a real ZETA in CAPTIVITY. This Zeta blinks his eyes and appears kind and empathetic. Note that predators glare, and this being is the exact opposite of that. Read all about the 100% human ZETAs in ZETATALK. And read about how our and their new race is the best of both: hybrids with IQs of 300+, telepathic, sexual, emotional, kind, empathetic, and all the open contact with the technology and wisdom of the rest of the universe when the earth moves up in vibration, or frequency, or dimension after the poleshift

HERE are the photos of Zetas, and clever images of hybrids by David Dees. It is time to acknowledge all of this is real. [attached to this email]. Almost every prophecy of the future includes descriptions of the ‘NEW’ race. Up until now, no one had any particular idea of what the ‘new’ race might look like. Remember, these are your souls born into newly created bodies. Ok, that is shocking, but is it really more shocking than learning we, earth humans, were bred from apes and selfish human giant ETs to be gold mining slaves who are defective, intentionally? Read the first page of the first book of the BIBLE and explain what that is talking about! Then read Zecharia Sitchin’s books and you will know. Remember: NOTHING is as you were taught in school. You have been lied to, intentionally.

HERE are the video of Zetas, and clever images of hybrids by David Dees.

Nancy Lieder worked with David Dees to create these images to show the hybrids as they might look. Zetas have taken DNA from every race on earth, and therefore there will be as much population diversity as you find looking around you right now before the shift.



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