Another Mar’s Spirit Photo Censored By NASA

By Christian Macé
UFO Digest European Correspondent

This picture of Mars taken by Spirit Sol 2151 would it censored by NASA?  


This picture of Mars No. 2151 by the robot on the ground on Mars “Spirit”, was it be censored by NASA?


Photo credit NASA.  The picture as it is No. 2151 of Mars, taken by the robot Spirit on Mars soil, the official site of NASA.

Look in the right part of the picture in the sky, there is a big black rectangle, That he might hide this black rectangle? NASA would she want to hide something unusual?  A Big Thanks to our friend Thierry who comes to tell us that! … : :  

The picture before us is part of the list below:

The list of photos of Spirit panoramic camera: SOL 2151:

Photo (censored?) With dust black rectangle is the following:

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