This UFO was filmed in New York November 10, 2010


by Christian Macé

The photo here is from the video of the UFO in New York 


Do not worry! It’s just a drag!. Everything you see in the sky is just a drag. Go back to sleep people, so good!. Please note that journalists are not new beginning to question the official government explanation of these mysterious sightings ..

NEW YORK (CBS 2) – Did you see? Chopper 2 HD you did.

It was a bizarre series of red lights in the sky – sunset Saturday – move suddenly behind the skyline of Manhattan.

CBS 2 reached out to a top astronomer who watched the video. He said he is gorgeous, but is was like nothing more than what is called a “drag” – condensation of a commercial jet or military.

The aliens apparently are not coming.

The comment came a day after a mysterious contrail was spotted off the coast of California. Speculation on the object that caused it varies from a missile fired by a trail of a commercial airliner.

Most experts now believe that an airplane vapor trail.

What went down in the sky over New York on Wednesday was the latest in a series of bizarre events that have captivated residents of the tri-state area in recent years. Back on October 13, CBS 2 cameras captured objects in the sky while shooting over Chelsea in the 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue.

Local media and the New York Police received several calls throughout the afternoon.
But as CBS 2 cameras showed the objects appeared to be yellow balloons, although there was no official confirmation from the NYPD. In the streets below there was plenty of intrigue to the mystery was happening above.

Strange sightings in the sky are not new in our region. Back in January 2009, strange red, flashing lights can be seen through the Morris County, NJ, and officials thought they understood what caused them.

Ultimately, however, it was not exactly a close encounter.

It turned out the lights were part of a hoax. Prosecutors said two men with too much time on their hands torn off the trick with five rockets, fishing line and helium balloons. “.

NEW YORK MYSTERY COMET FIREBALL MISSILE UFO – You are told it is a “Contrail  



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