Osgodby spectacular UFO filmed near Scarborough in Great Britain

by Christian Macé
European Correspondent


UFO filmed in spectacular Osgodby, near Scarborough, Great Britain, on Sunday evening November 7, 2010 … :

The picture from the video also here at the UFO Osgodby

“The North of England was last night crowned the world’s top hotspot for UFO sightings – the latest bizarre images emerged from Scarborough.

It follows a series of strange objects spotted in the northern sky-being.

Former MoD UFO expert Nick Pope said: “As the North of England seems to have more than its fair share.

“Arizona has been famous for many observations, but it seems that the North is now ahead.”

UFOs have been broken in Rotherham, South Yorks, and Harrogate, North Yorks, over the last three weeks.

The final images were shot in Osgodby, near Scarborough, North York, on Sunday evening.

“It really looks like a flying saucer Crowds of people he saw there certainly something is happening here.
There seemed to be two objects, one with a tail hanging, the other disc-shaped. “
Expert Nick said: “It’s pretty scary at first glance it appears to be a cloud – it seems to be deliberately bombing along ..”.

Last year, a panel of 50 UFO was seen above Scarborough.”


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