Another UFO Photographed In Lot-em-Garonne, France

By Christian Macé
UFO Digest European Correspondent

UFO photographed in Layrac in the Lot-et-Garonne in France almost identical to that of Mercury.

Strange object near helicopter

Closeup of the object

Many thanks to the Friend Jacques de Layrac just send us the beautiful picture of the UFO taken at this Layrac 30 January 2012 to 10 H 54! See the photo above and on the blog of Jacques , a must read! Above and also the strange shape which I discovered on Mercury! And compare with the picture of the strange shape that I discovered on Mercury, from the official website. This curious form of Mercury looks like the UFO Layrac because it seems that this curious form similar to a UFO covered in dust and suspended in tidal soil:  

The blog friend Jacques: Jacques has added two other UFO photos he has taken that same January 30, 2012!:   

My discovery of this strange form of Mercury, from the official site:

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