Asian Geographic Magazine Publishers Article On Pole Shift and Planet X

I guess things move pretty slowly over there in Singapore, which actually is the front line on poleshift tectonic plate adjustments. I just got my copy of my article and here it is. It was published in the special ‘Science’ issue from last May. Really, if you think about it, this is the first mainstream legitimate magazine article on the poleshift.

The editor called me up last spring and gave me 5 days to write the article, then told me the Board of Directors met and decided they ‘could not handle that much truth’ and asked me to rewrite it. They had asked for 1,500 words originally and I sent them about 5,000 the first time and about the same in the rewrite. I told them to combine them any way they thought they could publish it, cutting whatever they wanted. So it was wonderful to see that they preserved most of what I intended, minus extraterrestrials. They produced all of the illustrations and the layout. I am still waiting for my check, but it is a start, isn’t it? Amazing how those Asians want the information that the US government will not admit exists.

Believe it or not, my first experience being in an article in a major magazine was 1955 at age six in an article about my father in ‘The Saturday Evening Post’. Since then I have learned that no matter what you say or write, reporters and editors will NOT get it the way you expressed it. For example, in an article for the University of Maine newspaper, about 16 years ago, Janet and I explained over and over that we CONTACTED extraterrestrials and were NOT abducted. The headline of the article was ‘Abducted’. The editor of Asian Geo, as it is called, heard me on Coast To Coast AM on November 18th, 2010 and contacted me to write this article only 5 days before this issue was to go to press.

Here, I was not particularly happy with the headline ‘inevitable or insane’, and in condensing the earth changes, the editor chopped it up a bit and got it somewhat wrong by not understanding what she was trying to reduce in length. But overall the information is good and useful and should cause those interested to discover more by searching for ‘Planet X’. She took out all references to ETs and spiritual orientation, unselfish or selfish, choices and the coming change to the next dimension. Also the cover implies either Earth, or Planet X, ‘exploding’ which is NOT AT ALL IN ANYTHING I SENT HER. Shall we call that artistic license ????? She hasn’t told me what her readers thought of the article, but they have about 400,000 readers, estimated, and magazines like that are usually kept on display in homes and offices, so we can hope that the article reaches those who will make a difference. Better than not mentioning the subject or pretending it does not exist, right?

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The way, last I checked, Asian Geo is set up online, there is no link to the article or text to download. Here is the link only to the issue:

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