All of the most reputable and respected saints, sages, and mystics of both now and years gone by have frequently discussed the importance of the Light in our lives.

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So what is the Light? Am I referring to the light that radiates from a random bulb dangling from a ceiling, or perhaps the transparent daylight that emanates from a glorious sunshine? The answer is neither. The Light I am speaking of is essentially the Light of God, the Universe, All That Is, or whatever name you’d like to give it.

Seeing an Orb of Light

When I awoke in the middle of the night to see an orb of brilliant white Light hovering at the side of my bed, it wasn’t an ordinary light that my eyes are accustomed to seeing. This was different. It was magnificent, made of Light beyond my logical comprehension.

However, the truth is that we are all made of this very same Light, and this Light is what threads all of Life together in one unified tapestry. It’s the same Light that those who have had Near Death Experiences (NDAs) or Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) often refer to. It’s usually described as a never-ending ocean of pure Love. And that is God.

The reason we typically can’t see the Universal Light with our eyes, is because we’ve been conditioned through the centuries (and yes, even in past lives that r egister deep down in the energetic of our body’s cells) that such a concept is absurd and doesn’t exist. And so we have a mental block that stops us from seeing that which we don’t ‘believe.’ It was only after a series of cellular healing sessions, which literally shook out all of my own limiting beliefs and stagnant energy that no longer served me, that I began to see, hear, and feel Spirit and the Light on an alarmingly frequent basis. Alarming because suddenly a whole new part of life revealed itself and it felt somewhat disorientating for a while.

Now is the time when we are all beginning to awaken to the Truth, and part of this revelation is that you, I, and every other life force on this planet and others, is made of Light.

We Are All Expressions of God

The significance of this information is that if the Light is God, and we are made of Light, then that must mean we are God, right? Basically, that is correct. We are all expressions of God. Every single one of us contains the energy of God. He expresses through us, as us, and when we pass on, we plunge back into that very same ocean of Love and Light and experience the blissful sense of Oneness again that NDA survivors speak of. It’s common for them to say, “I didn’t want to come back to Earth,” as they remembered bathing in Love having escaped the freedom of that prison we call the human body

Witnessing the orb of Light in my bedroom wasn’t the only time I’ve seen such a radiant Light. Another night I saw a complicated code of fluorescent Light made up of untold numbers and symbols float towards me and pass into my ‘being.’ To this day I have no definitive idea of its meaning, although I sensed it was perhaps related to the new DNA that shamans and elders describe.

I’ve also spontaneously left my body on several occasions, and caught glimpses of such an omnipresent Light on these adventures too. However, it’s important to note that there are differing levels of light, and one of these levels is known as the ‘magnetic light,’ which the majority of psychics and healers tap into. The Light of God is beyond that and it cannot be manipulated or controlled. On my out of body travels I’m sure that for the majority of the time I was not bathing in the Light of God, but rather in other neighboring dimensions of the Universe.

So if it’s true beyond just believing (and for me it is) that we are made of Light and we are all little fragments of God energy, what does that mean for us and our lives in general? It means that, like God, we are all powerful creators. I’m not suggesting that destiny does not play a role in the unfolding of our individual journeys, but we are all responsible for the events of our life, and how we choose to perceive and react to those events. We are all able to manifest ‘good’ things by thinking ‘good’ thoughts. We literally attract what we put out there in the energy of our everyday thoughts. One trick is to witness what you are thinking, and realize that ‘you’ and the mind are two different things. You are not your mind. You are a soul.

“God speaks to us all a little differently, hoping we’ll tell each other.”

God certainly spoke to me when the orb of Light appeared in my bedroom and told me to put together a Book of Light after I endured a spell of profound depression and ‘asked’ for a sign about my life purpose. And so I’m now passing that story on to you, plus some ways in which I learned to reawaken my Divine inner spark, in the hopes that, like a game of Chinese whispers (telephone), it continues from one person to the next; from one spark of Light to another.

So how does one begin to reawaken their Light? Well, there are several ways, but here are some to begin with:

Meditate daily to get out of your head and into your spiritual heart.

Chant ancient Sanskrit hymns, such as the Kundalini Stavah, or recite ‘Om Namah Shivaya,’ or any other words that resonate.

Do a form of Yoga daily – find a kind that feels right for you.

Get into the habit of asking God for what you’d like, and always put your request into the Light for the highest good of all concerned. That way, you’ll remain unattached to your request and, as an act of unselfishness, you’ll want everyone involved to benefit for their own growth and betterment.

Remember the Universal laws and spiritual teachings of Karma, the Law of Reciprocity, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Polarity, the Law of Relativity, the Law of Attraction, and so on.

Always remember that Loving comes first. Love everyone, even your enemies.

Give away first that which you’d like to receive.

Develop a closer relationship with God through prayer and letting go of desires – have enough faith to let God guide your life.

Eat healthy and nutritious foods, and drink fresh organic vegetable juices regularly.

Be prepared to heal your past emotions when the opportunity presents itself. By healing yourself, you’ll help to heal the world at large.

Think positive thoughts and be aware of what you are thinking.

Be grateful for everything that happens in your life, even those things which you don’t feel are the most favorable. See everything as a blessing.

The Reawakening of My Own Light

Since my own Light reawakened after lying dormant for 30 years, my entire life has flourished exponentially. Magic sprinkled from the heavens and I began to see the beauty – the God energy – in everyone around me. Since the day that marked the beginning of my transformation, I moved from Spain to the USA, got married, started a new business, wrote several books, made countless new friends, felt happier than ever, and I’ve noticed an inner peace and sense of Loving that I’d never known before. My consciousness has expanded and I’m now far more aware of Universal Laws, such as karma, and the importance of giving, taking inspired action rather than solely action, listening to the messages in my dreams, looking out for signs and synchronicities in daily life, forgiving myself and others, and always putting loving first. And so it goes without saying that nowadays I live in a mysterious bubble of Love, Light, and miracles. My purpose in this present moment is to simply share these revelations with others, so that’s exactly what I’m doing in this article.

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