Brain Ringing and Buzzes From Earth Changes

By Gordon J. Gianninoto

Recently the subject of brain buzz came up on and I send you the statements given by Zetas, the dates of the statements, and the links.

I do not think I have any implants, but may not know for sure. I have had my head X-Rayed in 1988 and nothing was seen. But watching Derrell Sims on TV, I see implants all over the body, placed in various locations on people’s bodies, perhaps no two the same. On the other hand I have heard people say that all implants are pushed up the nose to the base of the brain in the frontal lobe areas.

Those whose implants have been extracted on TV usually discover something unusual in the arm or leg. When it is removed it has rare metal combinations and has large amounts of neurons the body installed to connect it to the nervous system.

Some even move away from a surgery site when extraction is imminent. So, it is clear there are implants just as the Zetas say. Whether that covers the subject: I don’t think so.

As I am unaware of any implant, I can only say, if I have one I do not know it. I do hear buzzes and ringing occasionally. But one thing I am sure of is that ETs know where I am, and communicate information to me but not directly usually as in a dictation, but more as a knowledge of what I need to know. I have however directly heard ETs speak to me as clearly as if they were speaking while standing next to me.

I am not sure if these descriptions, therefore, cover the entire subject. Perhaps implants were used, but not any longer. Perhaps implants are not used at all for some people. Perhaps implants have evolved and newer models accomplish the same task without as much ‘presence’. I cannot answer those questions.

But Janet has ringing and buzzing, far more than I do, as we are usually together and can compare notes. Yet she is psychic in many ways that have not much to do with ETs as much as life experiences causing her to grow her own antennae and use them more than most.

Earth changes squeeze quartz crystals and generate electrical and radio frequency signals and movements of magma generates magnetic flux variations. Some people, and most animals are very sensitive to such signals.

And some people with implants may also be sensitive to earth changes. I do not suggest humans hearing such signals will want to commit suicide, but what choices do animals have? I have attached an article about cows hurling themselves off a cliff for ‘unknown’ reasons. The Zetas have said herds will stampede, and aquatic beings deep underwater will seek to escape these unknown to them signals by surfacing. Animals hear it and run frightened. Creatures existing at the bottoms of the oceans may surface and seek the beach. That should be interesting!

As pole shift nears, more and more people and animals will hear strange electrical and magnetic signals from the earth. The Zetas have said that Planet X and the earth may come as close as 14 million miles and that there have been in the past, and may be this time, huge lightning bolts going between the two planets as their fields interact. That would cause consternation to anyone who sees that. Imagine a video of electrical discharges between two planets separated by 14 million miles!

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