Chinese TV Shows Planet X on TV and more!

Click here or on photo above to watch video report of: Chinese Report 2nd Sun!

As I have said before I am a member of Nancy Lieder’s Zetatalk website where you can ask questions of the Zetas, and if Nancy accepts the question, it is answered telepathically by the Zetas on Fridays and posted on the ning on Saturday. I still don’t know what ning means, but the website is and we are up to 3,700 members around the world. Many of the members speak only their native languages, but all messages, blogs, articles and comments are in English. These two articles are posted by members on the ning site. The first is a BBC show about children, “The Sparticle Mystery”, surviving an apocalypse where all adults over 15 disappear and only the young are left. To form survival communities, the unselfish must learn to recognize and not deal with the selfish children who want to be serviced, and who contribute nothing. One older person is allowed to stay on earth because he had a heart transplant and so ‘young at heart’ he is allowed to stay. Interesting, no? And you see there is great truth there as the heart will open up and in the aftertime, people will check with their hearts and not make decisions merely by information and ideas, but feelings. The test of an unselfish person is that they think of other people, at least 51 % of the time. Most who do, think of others far more than that. It takes a certain openness of heart to develop empathy and put yourself in the shoes of others, and share. Recognizing selfish, service to self people is important in the aftertime, because, well, they are dangerous.

The second is that the Chinese have limited resources, and as repressive as they are, they have given up trying to cover up ETs, Planet X, and pole shift. Here we have an actual video reporting two suns setting in the west. Obviously not lens flares, and clearly looking like the Sun and Planet X next to each other, it is presented as news. This needs translations, but no matter what they say, the video image, attached, shows two suns setting.

Well I am sorry if you don’t know what to think, but I do. This image, snipped off the ning site while the video plays, shows clearly two suns. To me this is absolute confirmation of what Nancy Lieder and the human ET Zetas have been saying, whether you believe that now or not. The Chinese have already built what is known as ‘Chinese Ghost Cities’ over which western press puzzled recently, but which are brand new entire cities into which the Chinese plan to move refugees as the south and east coasts of China submerge. New apartments, stores, businesses, parks and every thing a city should have, all empty. Does anyone think the Chinese are idiots? Of course not. The Zetas have said, in thousands of pages, all of it located at   to  to          [mirror sites so if one goes down there are 5 more],

that the Chinese are getting ready. And what is the US doing? NOTHING. The first meager attempt is the April 28th, 8 state New Madrid Fault earthquake drill sponsored by FEMA wherein people will, of all things, practice ‘duck and cover and stay’ where one gets under a desk and waits until the quake is over.

And you might think, these are two articles that only coincidentally match what the human ET Zetas have been saying. But you would be wrong to think that. These are two more articles of evidence that there are real ETs communicating with Earth in order to help save as many people as possible. If you do not take it that way, you may find you are lost in the coming pole shift caused by the passage of Planet X. It is one thing to think there is no proof of ETs or that we need more ‘evidence’ or that if there were ETs, the government would have told us. But can you wake up to the fact that the actual situation is light years ahead of that position? I hope so.


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