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The next type of Orb that I find to be most common and widely reported are the smaller soft ball to golf ball or even smaller white or light colored glowing balls of light.

I have found that most of the reports that I have been sent or that I have read about concerning this type of orb have more of a spiritual definition. They are often caught by photo or video by those who are engaged in ghost research or those who are having interaction with spirits of those who have passed away.

I do know that I have heard many stories of small orbs being seen by those who have lost a close loved one which makes me believe it is the energy of that loved one staying with the ones they love during times the ones they left behind may need them. I think that entering the dimension in which we live may be difficult for the energy of human life and manifesting as an orb of light a way for them to interact in our living reality.

This however is not limited to loved ones and spirits we want to interact with. It seems that many energy forms that once may have lived in human form linger among the human dimension for reasons we can only assume or try to understand. You will see evidence of this in the ghost hunter communities where there is no shortage of orbs of light being videoed or caught in photos while the hunters are actively investigating areas thought to be haunted.

It seems apparent that the energy of human life can develop the ability of showing as an orb of light or energy once they leave the human life form.  I simply think of this type of orb as being part of the spiritual realm and very different from the red orb I encountered or the larger craft size orbs that are seen all over the world.

The fact remains we do not know for sure due to the lack of serious investigation what any of the Orbs are that live float and seem to watch us come from or what they want or if they are living creatures or mechanical devices.

My feeling is that the Orbs are from many different sources ranging from spirit energy to multidimensional roots that are able to cross over to our realm to observe how we maneuver in our dimension. I do know the most commonly reported Orb is that of the smaller white ones. I can only logically believe they come from many sources starting with spots on lenses or reflection of light source from the point of being videoed or photographed to spiritual or dimensional visitors.

Whatever the source of this type of Orb or for that matter any type of size of Orb I caution anyone who has an encounter or sighting to follow all rules of safety as one thing remains true in all of these cases. That fact is that one really knows exactly what these objects are or why they are here. It may be a simple sign of reaching out from a loved one who has passed away however it could also be an energy from something more sinister or here for reasons that may be harmful or not for the good of those around them. Always deal with these strange objects with great care and in all cases the best advice would be to quickly leave the area when dealing with that which is unknown.

I do feel that this type of type of Orb is an energy or life form that is trying to interact with us in our form as living humans. It makes it a curiosity that easily draws us to wanting more information which may tend to allow us to make choices that could prove dangerous. Please keep this in mind if you find you are the one facing a strange ball of light or Orb and know that is could be the energy of a loved one or that of an entity you would not want to deal with and need to keep safety and caution first in dealing with them,

The last type of Orb I want to discuss is in my mind without question a craft. This type of Orb is reported in sizes from that of a small car up to the size of a football field. They are seen flying often in formation with other Orb crafts and seem to without question be under intelligent control.

I have had reports of this type of craft sent to me often over the past few years. Many of the Orb craft UFO objects that have been reported to me have been seen coming from or going out towards the Atlantic Ocean however I know they are being seen all over the world.

I know that this type of UFO Orb object is solid in color and that the colors range from white and yellow to reds and oranges. I have been told that the interior of these large craft size Orbs seem to of a gas or plasma nature making them swirl or seem gas like instead of a solid metallic type of material.

I have spoken to people who thought these large UFO style objects seem to have a living feel to them which made them believe they were either made of living material or part living and part machine in nature.

My family and I did see a group of this type of UFO Orb after hurricane Sandy and also viewed the gaseous interior of the Orb and felt that it did have an organic living feel and look to them but also were without question organized piloted machines that were flying in formation.

Like the other reports the Orbs we encountered over Long Island New York the objects flew without any sound and were unlike any other lights we have ever seen in the sky as you could look into the bright red or white swirling light of the craft without the glare that other lights of the same size would react with the human eye. You did not have to blink or adjust your eye as you were able to easily look directly into the light.

I have been told by those who have sent me reports concerning this type of UFO Orb craft that these large Orbs will stop instantly during their flight to hover over and observe the people they find who were caught watching them fly over them. I also was told that the people did feel great fear and danger when this occurred and were greatly relieved when the object or objects would regroup and continue on their way after a short time of observing the humans who were watching them pass over. In all cases those who reported these encounters all felt that the Orbs were deciding if they wanted to continue or engage in contact with the people they hovered over.

I believe that this Orb type of craft is an alien or dimensional craft that is not only here to observe but in some cases have encounters with us. I find this type of craft may be some kind of living creature and may function on its own or simply be made of a living kind of material and is piloted by a life form we are not yet aware of. I do not think they are the same as other UFO or alien or dimensional life forms. I do think they are something different. I believe we have many different types of life or energy intelligent sources that do visit and observe what goes on with planet earth and the humans and other life that covers this planet.

One day we may understand a great deal more about these things but for now I fear we will stay as we are with miles to go before we are able to grasp the workings of other life forms or the facts of the universe, dimensions and time that is around us.

I do know we need to concentrate on the world we live on and need to understand it before we can ever hope to comprehend the outer workings of cosmos. I doubt other advanced life forms who do observe us are as interested in us as we seem to think they are. I have to laugh when I read the self-importance we place on our species and the interest those far advanced have in us. They may use us for biological material or to observe as we evolve but trust me we are still killing machines who cannot live together without war or feed all who do live on this planet and seem to go out of the way to destroy our planet when we really do not need to do so. Look at how we kill and fight over energy sources and refuse to work with what we have due to politics or policies that are keeping us stuck like fools going nowhere fast. I think for now we will continue to be visited by orbs of all sizes, as well as other unknown objects. Some of us will have encounters that are close up and others may end up taken and some never returned. I do not think any of that is due to change for the human race for a very long time. We have miles to go before we can join those who visit us and move on by.

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