Curious animal as photographed by Curiosity on Mars May 11, 2013


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Here the original photo. And I circled in red the “Thing”, and I enlarged.
See the photo taken by the robot on the ground on Mars “Curiosity” on May 11, 2013. The photo was posted on the official website May 28, 2013 here. The details of the photo are: SOL 271 MastCam left:
It is on the list here:
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2 thoughts on “Curious animal as photographed by Curiosity on Mars May 11, 2013

  1. NASA=Never A Straight Answer
    We see shapes in clouds, too. That is not skeptical. It is fact. I think this could be a small figurine, as many other anomalous objects have been photographed by rovers. My friend Richard Hoagland believes there to be ruins on Mars. I do as well. Again, math does not lie. His mantra is look for the geometry. Right angles, cross beams, etc. Shapes are just too difficult to prove, and forget finding out anything from NASA! There are things there, will they disclose them? I doubt that!

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