Curious forms in Santa Maria Crater on Mars

Curious forms in Santa Maria Crater on Mars, photographed by Opportunity at the end of 2010 … :



Santa Maria-SELECT-jpg.jpg

Santa Maria SELEC jpg

Santa Maria SELEC jpg

I circled in red the curious shapes. And I selected especially with the expansions, it is located at the top of the photo, in The Far Left. Voir la flèche. See arrow.  

Santa Maria-ANO-copy-1.JPG

Santa Maria ANO

Santa Maria ANO

It is located on the same picture: the top and towards the middle. See arrow.

The photos are on both official sites here:  


The crocodile in Santa Maria online 21 December 2010 on the site here:  

Santa Maria and Opportunity: article posted December 24, 2010:

Click for video: 


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