Dark Twin of Earth in Sky and Planet X Near Sun

Prophecy and the Future Described, and, illustrated with NEW images:


These are recent photos taken in the sky of the what the Hopi call the Blue Katchina, which is the Dark Twin of Earth. It is the same size of Earth, in the same orbit of Earth, and usually on the opposite side of the Sun, unseen. But, as Planet X, aka Nibiru, aka The Winged Globe, came into our solar system going clockwise as seen from above, it stopped Venus in its orbit, stopped the Earth, and then the Dark Twin caught up to Earth and then stopped. The Dark Twin has no water, no atmosphere, no oceans, no life, but it is loaded with gold and the inhabitants of Planet X, the Annunaki, also known as the ‘gods’ of the Old Testament of the Bible, have been mining gold there since the last pole shift in 1650 BC. Everytime they came back to Earth, wouldn’t you know it, something went wrong until they finally gave up. They are also mining gold on one of the moons of Mars, Phobos.



As you can see, one of the NASA SOHO satellites photographed it when it was near the sun. It does not reflect much light, but as it looms larger it will be more visible. It has been photographed from the U.S. before, but now it is looming larger and easier to spot. You have to photograph the sky just after sunset. Right now the Dark Twin is visible only in the night skies.



Planet X came at us in 1983 from the direction of Taurus, which is Orion. It entered the solar system in 1999 and came from the left behind the Sun around to come out on the right in 2003. Since 2003, NASA’s SOHO satellite has photographed it many times, both the Stereo Ahead, and the Stereo Behind satellites have gotten images of it which you must be quick to download as NASA will not discuss the subject. It is laying on its side with its north pole facing the ecliptic and Earth like a flashlight. As it approached, it caused the Sun to erupt and now that it has passed the Sun and is only 30 million miles from the Earth, it is quieting the Sun in its supposed peak eruption period.

As gravity pushes, not pulls, Planet X is not going to hit the Dark Twin, Earth, or Venus. But it has pushed Venus further from the Sun, and amateur astronomers are noting how the disk is larger. Before pole shift, the cloudy planet, Venus will have a ring going almost around it that will look amazingly like the horns of a bull: the horns of Taurus the bull. Again this appearance is noted in prophecies around the world as the horns of Horus. Here we have new photos showing Venus larger than ever, but not as large as it will soon be. The horns have not become evident yet as the Sun illuminates this cloudy planet.

The Dark Twin, Earth and Venus are all trying to evade Planet X, but they are held in a cup of particle flows. When Planet X is first visible to all the world standing alone near the Sun, mark your calendars and it is 7.3 weeks until pole shift: 50 days, during which time as it appears as large as the full moon, or almost so, it will cause the crust of the Earth to separate from the core for one hour and then reattach. Planet X streams a five million mile long tail behind it of twin strands of moons, largest near Planet X, which make it appear, from the front to have wings. As it passes it will be seen from the side as a massive blood red, atmospheric, oceanic, inhabited planet with a serpentine tail rippling behind it. After Planet X passes, it will whip the Earth with the part of the tail that is loaded with trillions of rocks, lots of gravel, lots of iron ore dust, and lots of oily hydrocarbons; all of which will rain down on earth in various but not all spots. Then the oceans will sweep toward the new equator and wipe out all coastlines with a 600 foot tidal surge. That will drain, and then all the ice in the world will be in new locations, as over the next two years the oceans will come up 700 feet.

In the time leading up to pole shift, the earth will moan and shriek, and sing and hum, and huge thunderclaps will be heard in the skies and quakes of force 8 to 10 will sweep the entire globe as lands open up sinkholes, release methane gases, trigger all volcanoes to erupt, and give us very strange weather best characterized by a complete mixing of the seasons.

No one, not one, except the Hopi and Zetatalk, have ever mentioned the Dark Twin, yet here is photographic proof it is real, it is here, and poleshift is about to happen. Time is short. Are you where you want to be? Are you with whom you wish to be? Are you doing what you should be doing?


This is a natural event and NOTHING will change it coming. This is the Tribulation of the last book of the Bible. This is your chance to see if people or possessions are more important to you. In the aftertime, unselfish human ETs will help unselfish survivors, and in about 100 years the earth will move to a higher frequency. Few who are alive now will live to see that. Out of every 10 people, 9 will perish. There is no amount of paying for a course on how to be ‘ascended’ that will change that. Praying, humming, meditating, will not change what is to happen, which occurs every 3657 years causing minor to major pole shift. This time will be the worst. If you only live 5 more minutes, make sure you were thinking of others before yourself.

Before the pole shift happens, and we are now in 7/10 where poleshift is 10/10, the economies of the world will fail and bartering will be the ONLY method of survival. In the poleshift, all governments, religions and banking systems will fail. They will never be replaced. Military bases will try to hang on for up to 10 years but the troops will leave, more interested in their own welfare than servicing the elite. The chaos will begin when Planet X becomes visible in the sky standing alone. People will not show up for work. Nuclear plants, water and sewage systems, will fail, as will transportation and manufacturing. In the quakes leading up to pole shift, all roads will become unusable as all bridges, pipelines and communications will come down with the grid. Modern communications will never be restored as the rain of rocks takes out all space satellites.

Be prepared to form survival communities and roll up your sleeves to work with your hands as your technology in your area will resemble anything from the year 1000 to the year 1800. Perhaps you should have been paying more attention to the Shakers and the Amish, who will hardly notice any difference or change!

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