Dreams and Meditations Bring Buried Memories of Encounters?


By Regan Lee
The Orange Orb

No idea why, but lately I’ve been thinking, very mildly mind you, of an old boyfriend of mine when I was a teenager. This is more than forty years ago.  At the time, of course I was madly, wildly, deeply, subterraneanly deeply, in love. The breakup was awful, oh, it was the end of the world! Of course years later I realized we really had nothing in common, even then I remember, as in love as I was (or thought I was, being a teenager)  that he was a bit of a stick in the mud and except for hormones and some shared skewed views on things didn’t have much in common with each other.

So, as I say, no idea why over the past couple of weeks this person has been popping into my head. Well, memories and all that; they come, they go, they revisit. Last night I had a dream, and this individual was in it.

The dream went back and forth between decades ago when I was a teenager and present time. His presence was there as a marker in the landscape, a person who was important only because of what follows and not anything to do with relationships. In fact, I’m surprised and a bit irritated he’s around; why now I ask in the dream.  I really don’t like him at all. Nothing in common. Go away. But dream scenes shift and we’re standing here, then back there… and then I sense UFOs. I see one that has landed behind us and I know there are others in the area, also landed. Waiting. We’re standing just outside the woods that are behind us. The UFOs — and entities of some kind, though their appearance remains “invisible” — are in those woods. We know they’re there, and we’ve seen them. Something happened but we don’t remember.  And I hear a voice in the dream; someone from above in response to my question within the dream: why is this person in my dream? The voice tells me it’s because of the sighting we had together; I need to remember this sighting, the voice continued, this person and I had shared a UFO encounter and I had forgotten about it. Now it’s time to remember.

Another Old Friend: The Blue Light

Years ago I had a dream of a female friend from high school. In the dream, we are running down a street, woods behind us but we’re in a neighborhood of street lights and houses.  It’s nighttime. We’re running from a UFO with a blue light on top. We’re screaming and very afraid. The UFO is chasing us, following us with intent. I don’t remember specifics but do know that much more has gone on already; were we inside the UFO at one time? These are thoughts I have within the dream.

This person and I remained friends for years, but over time she stopped socializing with us. I think it’s because she is a  scientific minded person and thought we were getting too woo, but I’ve always been woo, and she’s always known that. The last time I saw her involved a strange episode: my husband and I were on vacation on the coast. We were sitting in a restaurant; I don’t know what made me think of this person, whom I hadn’t seen in years, but I randomly said to Jim  “Wouldn’t it be funny if “Heather” walked in right now?” and not five minutes later, she walks in and sits down at a table not far from ours. (“Heather” did not iive on the coast.)

Trance Like State: The Painting and the Star

The following isn’t a dream, exactly, but I was in an altered state. Not quite asleep, but not completely awake. I had been looking at a painting I had done that was hanging on my wall. I had titled the painting Santa Cruz; it reminded me of the towns outside Santa Crux on Highway 9 where I lived for a time: Brookdale, Ben Lomand, Felton,Boulder Creek. Soon I found myself remembering a time when I was with my father and other family members. I was fifteen or sixteen. It was night, we were standing by a swiftly flowing creek. I was really there; I could smell the water, feel the cold air, and see the twinkling of the stars. I was watching the sky, thinking how beautiful the stars were. I was remembering a true event. I was startled to see that one of the “’stars” began moving! And I had the realization that this was no star, but a UFO. I had the clear thought during this memory that this sighting wasn’t a part of this memory, no such sighting had taken place. Then I heard a voice tell me that this did happen, and I know it did. That’s why I painted the painting with the slivery light above the hills and water which abstractly represented the UFO. The voice told me: “You know what you saw that night.”

Buried Hints, or Just Mind Ramblings?

Are these dreams and voices true indicators of a literal UFO encounters? Or are they only mergings of memory and thoughts within a dreaming mind?


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