When It Comes To UFOs, Why Do Debunkers Do That Debunking Thing They Do?

I was asked today why I think UFO debunkers (and so-called UFO “skeptics” which really, are one and the same) do what they do. Why do they care so damn much about proving UFOs don’t exist? (They’ve gotten lazy; they don’t even bother. The subject isn’t even worth their time to mock, much. But still, they have at it, as any journey into the JREF will reveal.)

After all these years, I still don’t have an answer.

It’s easy to say “Because they’re afraid.” No doubt that’s true in many cases, at some level. At the same time, it’s too simplistic and breezy a response; to dismiss their pathological denials with that answer. I used the example today, to my questioner, that, while I’m not a Christian (or a religious Jew or a Muslim, etc.) it’s not because I’m “afraid.” That’s what many a believer of anything will say of the non-believer. “They’re afraid.” Somewhere in there these UFO deniers are afraid, I suppose, but there’s more going on to their blind denials than just that.

Sometimes these crazy debunkers are paid shills. Sure that’ s paranoid conspiracy talk, but we know what they say: “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not watching you…” Sometimes the debunkers are deeply invested in their egos and paychecks. If they’re tenured, if they want to continue getting published by peer reviewed journals, if they want to move on up in the academic and scientific world, bashing the topic of UFOs is an easy way to ensure good standing.  I suspect a good number of these debunker types have an idea that there really is something to UFOs, but… but… well, they just can’t bring themselves to be honest. Too much at risk. Careers, salaries, reputations. 

It’s also intellectually easy. Who has the time to read all of Richard Dolan’s books, or delve into Vallee, or the history of, say, the Contactee era (which is not over by the way.) Who has the time to be authentic and explore even just one aspect of the whole messy, complicated, rich, confusing world of UFOs? Easier to just say “UFOs?! Feh, man, don’t waste my time!”

As my questioner earlier today said, “UFOs means Unidentified Flying Object.” What’s so threatening about that? I see something in the sky that’s unidentifiable; what, we’re supposed to ignore it?

Many a UFO I’ve seen I decided, after reflection, that they were probably man made objects and nothing to get much excited about. But some, well, some, remain mysterious indeed. And I’m not even beginning to talk aliens yet.

The Triangle

That giant triangle I saw years ago. FACT. Hey debunkers, still with me? So let’s assume it’s a human made object. Okay. We don’t know if that’s a FACT but it could be. Either way, the reality is: frighteningly huge triangle, low in the sky, blocking out stars, having physical effects upon human witnesses. (muffled sounds, sensation of slow motion, inertia.) Then, within the literal blink of an eye, it zooms off with incredible speed, all the while soundless. FACT.

Aliens, schmaliens, what the hell was that thing???!!! Aren’t you curious? Aren’t you interested in what our government is doing up there, scaring the hell out of citizens? If it isn’t the government and/or private industry, that’s worse in many ways for the skeptics, because that means: yes, aliens.  Then of course we have the good old global industrial military complex, where private industry and government meet and make cozy bedfellows. They’re doing whatever the hell they want to do with our taxes and the rest of us hoi poli be damned.

So either way, Debunker-ites, we have a mystery that needs to be addressed. Are you really so damn arrogant, so positive, there’ s no there there? That it’s all just weather balloons? After all these decades??!! Still?

Missing Time

I’ve had at least two episodes of missing time — shared, with another person — related to UFOs. That is huge, and I am still demanding answers. Who, or what, the hell took away hours of my life and my memory???!!! That’s a supremely valid question and one that does not merit derision. Yet, the UFO skeptic blithely dismisses such topics with arrogant waves of their hands. They prefer to stoop to accusations of being emotionally needy, or prone to fantasy, or high, drunk, mentally ill, a liar, etc. We all know the drill by now. 

Is It Because They Are Stupid?

Maybe the answer to the question is, simply, they’re stupid. One can be highly intelligent in one area; say, a genius math professor, and be boringly, stupendously stupid in other areas. So the idea that our government — any, and all governments — are quite capable of crimes against their own citizenry doesn’t occur to them. Or if it does, with surprising naivety, such FACTS (MK ULTRA, etc.) are dismissed as no longer germane. That was then, after all, nothing going on now.  The idea that strange experiences happen to far more of us than we can imagine extends far beyond their comfort level. There has to be logic involved: dream states, and terms that satisfy like “confirmation bias” and “pareidolia” and such. And when those get used up; the old “we all want to believe in something …” nonsense to appease those of us who’ve seen something. Who’ve experienced something.

The ‘No Proof’ Retort

So the UFO debunker says there’s no proof aliens exist. The deceitful comment often made, that “When anyone says UFOs we know they really mean aliens from space” is thrown around with the intent of immediately trivializing any possible honest discussion. And while it’s true no proof exists of aliens — although we’ve come damn close and there is a positively and magnificently enormous amount of evidence — the idea is not at all ridiculous. Mind games and semantic masturbations about “why would aliens come all the way to …” and “aliens no doubt exist, waaaaaaaay out there, but not here…” are just more of the lazy, and dishonest, empty statements from the UFO debunker and skeptic.




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