UK Still Staging UFO Crash Drills in Schools

Back in July of 2009 I wrote about the UK’s staged UFO crashes for UFO Digest ( My Teacher Was Abducted by Aliens: Preparation for Fake Disclosure? )where students, parents, and some staff, were unaware that these were fake. Often police were involved, happily taking part in the “hoaxes”, while terrified and confused students were encouraged to take part in “investigating” the crash. Sometimes alternative scenarios took place; a fake killing of a teacher in front of students on the playground,  or a teacher announcing to students that they were going to be forcibly taken away to government orphanages because they were found to be deficit in some way. But the UFO crash remains the favorite in these staged events in UK schools.

Justification for these events are given by school authorities: it’s fun and different, and it facilitates critical thinking skills in students, as well as fostering creative writing skills.

The UK is still at it; in late September of this year there was another fake UFO crash at a school: UK schools doing UFO crash drills, at Sandford Primary School, on September 29th.
The article notes previous fake landings, and the active participation of police in teaching kids how to investigate a UFO crash. As the writer “Lounge Daddy” asks:

What’s interesting is that “police were on hand to show the children how to properly investigate the UFO crash site.” Um, were any of the officers speaking from experience?

While individual teachers and schools no doubt buy into the fun curriculum part — acknowledging that anything which engages students is a good thing —  there is something insidious about these staged events. In past events, neither students or parents were notified, and some students were traumatized,such as younger students and students in special education or life skills programs.


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