Sadly, but not unexpectedly, this item from KVAL news is as vapid as main stream UFO reports insist on being. The comments posted are as equally ignorant. Yep, it’s a UFO if you don’t know what it the thing you saw was, as in: UFO is short for Unidentified Flying Object. This simple fact goes over the heads of most of the population who seem to think they’re the intelligent ones by questioning such sightings. If I sound pissy it’s because I am; fed up with this idiocy. By the way, I emailed Justin Templeton at KEZI news with a report of what I saw, along with the usual bio blurb; you know, I’m not a nut but writer and researcher blah blah. Never heard a word.

So, the UFOs reported all over Oregon on NYE, not to mention the rest of the country, continue to make spotty appearances as filler items on local news, but no answers or in depth reporting or investigations. As I’ve written before, if these are not aliens from space, and in fact, I think they are not, they are something. If they are objects unknown to the populous, unfamiliar light colors, flight patterns and configurations, then what are they and why are they?

Responding that they’re “just man made” with a shrug is not answer enough. If “they” meaning, not the aliens, but covert human entities, are flying things in our skies, we should know about that. Are the objects drones? Weather manipulation machines? Private industry technology, classified government weapons? Man made, okay. But stopping there as if that’s the explanation isn’t enough.

Why choose New Year’s Eve to fly these things? One reason could be to see how many people noticed. Seems plenty did, getting these mainly orange lights on video. Maybe “they” wanted to see if people would notice, even during the excitement of bringing in the New Year at midnight and the fireworks. Possibly they wanted to see what the mainstream media reaction would be. As we’ve seen, the UFOs see all over the country that night was treated as a curious bit of news but nothing more.

Meanwhile, drone technology is being tested all over the place. The FAA very recently approved nine states to engage in testing drones. Oregon is one of those states. The timing of that bit of news with the NYE UFOs is interesting. Speculation of course, to say that there is a connection, but it is reasonable speculation.

The point is, UFOs were seen across the U.S. on New Year’s and silly debates about the lights being UFOs or not, or the usual comments about drunken citizens seeing little green men doesn’t change that fact. Whether or not those objects were controlled by ET is another question (and maybe some were, in amongst the others) but either way, something unknown was playing with our heads that night. Human, or alien, something intentional decided to make an appearance.

Lights spotted New Year’s Eve skies: ‘I’m pretty certain it was a UFO’ | Local & Regional News | Eugene News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KVAL CBS 1

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