Eric has photographed this UFO near the church of San Michele Murato Haute-Corse

by Christian Macé
UFO Digest European Correspondent

As agreed, I will send in pj first two shots after which a similar saturation of colors, shots taken at the Murato Corsican June 25, 2010 around 17:00.

I found out “hacker” once back home watching on TV.
My camera is an Olympus E 320 10 Mg pixel c is an SLR with lens (for the occasion) Olympus digital 14/42mm.


Photo enlarged and enhanced using Adobe Photoshop 7.0.


So the object is located to the right of the church. It is far and must be of good size, size is always difficult to appreciate how head. It could be a plane but there is no trail of (but there is no always drag for airplanes); However, I do not see any wings or tail (for the worse if c was a plane it would be in profile); and this object is evidence overhead.
So I think it is an object among unclassifiable flying objects that we know. I’ll let you judge.
I will soon send to other shots taken at Sorio di tenda qques days later. 

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