ET Zetas Right Again-Global Warming Is A Lie


The website ZETATALK has explained endlessly that Global Warming Is A Lie To Coverup Planet X and Poleshift.

Now, new evidence has surfaced that the Himalayas, for example, have lost NO ICE in the last 10 years. The whole lie was based on CO2 levels, which supposedly are dangerous above 350 parts per million. Unfortunately, the world media sucked up the guilt over having industry and living, and created hugely expensive programs to regulate, stifle, and defeat creative economic growth. Gradually the fabrication of data was revealed, and now new evidence shows it was not just tweaked, but absolutely wrong at every level.

First of all, 1000 years ago, with few people and no industry, CO2 levels were magnitudes larger than today. Secondly, as the unselfish 100% human Zeta Extraterrestrials have stated repeatedly, there is some warming of the ground, sea bottoms and glacial bases caused by heating of the iron core caused by increased magnetic flux from the proximity of Planet X, aka ‘The Winged Globe’ to Earth. The increased heat of the ground, and sea bottoms, and the oceans, is causing larger storms and increased sea levels, not warm air. But call the problem whatever you like, it will mean nothing when POLE SHIFT occurs, possibly within a year. Pole Shift will supercede, and overwhelm any other condition or problem you ever thought you had. The earthquakes, alone, in the lead up to Poleshift, will make every other problem and condition seem like nothing by comparison.

As anyone normal person can tell, the air has barely warmed at all. ‘Global Warming’ has been a code word phrase for warm air. But all of this is a gigantic false trail, a ‘red herring’ to take attention off of the coming Pole Shift in which EVERY VOLCANO ON EARTH WILL ERUPT, and in which the crust will separate from the core and reattach with Recife, Brazil being the NEW NORTH POLE. To redirect attention away from the truth, NASA and the global academic community, acting as they were bought and owned by the elite power structure, caused untold expense and waste as protests hatched, and laws were passed, over a PROBLEM THAT DOES NOT EXIST.

With Planet X now visible in the skies of Earth under the Sun at sunrise, and over the Sun at sunset, no one can deny that all other issues are MOOT. The wobble of the Earth has caused the horizontal jet stream flows to form gigantic north south loops as air from the tropics finds itself over higher latitudes, and air from the poles finds itself over tropical climes. This is happening suddenly and in a predictable daily cyle caused by the huge magnetic field of Planet X alternately driving the north pole of the earth away from the Sun, and then, when the Great Atlantic Rift faces Planet X next to the Sun, pulling the north pole, for only part of each day, toward the Sun.

If up to 90% of the population of the world at risk from the coming worldwide 600 foot tidal surge, quakes, sinkings, and volcanic ash and heavy metals, and disease, shock and starvation, shouldn’t the focus be on warning the public of what is to come?

When will the governments and the media announce the truth? With Planet X in the sky, now visible next to the Sun, how long will it take for the ‘leaders’ of the world to stop covering up the truth?

Read below the shocking news that hit the press today. There are three articles below, quoted in full, with links. None of these sources mention Planet X, or Pole Shift, so they, although denying global warming, are themselves no better informed than you are by watching paint dry. To get the real story, the big real story, there is only one source and that is ZETATALK.


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