Giant Cross, UFOs, Roads, Domes and more: Mars Curiosity


Mars Curiosity Rover Captures A Giant Cross, UFOs, Roads, A Finger, Domes, A Mouse and a Snake, A Jewelry Box, Dolls, Metal Parts and a Rad – All in HD!

I have always been interested in Mars, from looking at it through my newly earned telescope at age 11, to Astronomy classes at the Hayden Planetarium in 1963, to reading the CS Lewis Book about ‘Malachandra’, [Mars] in volume I of the famous children author and philosopher, C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy for adults:

Out of the Silent Planet, 1938
Perelandra, 1948
That Hideous Strength, 1945

to the Viking missions to photograph the surface of Mars in the mid 1970s. But at this point we have to thank Richard C. Hoagland for noticing that things were not as NASA hoped they would be as far as the public is concerned. His website is ground breaking in every way. Here we see Richard for perhaps what he is most famous for:which is of course publicizing the FACE ON MARS. This by itself caused such controversy that for some, their opinion of the man has never recovered. He discovered that Mars had oceans and the FACE pointed skyward on an island in a harbor in which the shore was the ancient city of Cydonia. With pyramids lining both sides of a wide avenue, and with a huge pyramid at the end of the road, the Earth could be seen once a year rising from the lips of the face when viewed down the avenue from the the apex of the great pyramid. To accomplish that, seeing as how Mars is much smaller than Earth and has a more severe horizon curvature, “someone” cut down the mountains behind the FACE on the opposite shore, so that the Earth WOULD rise out of the lips.

But Richard went on to pursue every image coming back from Mars, whether it be from orbiters, like Viking, or landers like Spirit, and everywhere he looked were ruins and evidence of a previous civilization. Hoagland’s site is packed with photos, all in the public domain, from NASA, showing unmistakeable evidence of a prior civilization on Mars. More than that, the evidence points directly to human workmanship and living on the surface. My favorites of those thousands on Hoagland’s site have to be the ruins of a WWII Panzer tank with tracks and a turret with an artillery gun barrel, and the many ruins of cities revealed by infrared photography. Of course, who would have brought a WWII tank to Mars; but perhaps the idea of such a weapon has pre-existed modern Earth society, and, well, you know the saying, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. But the fact remains there it is, and when it was noticed, NASA went back to the photo and retouched the gun barrel out of the photo. Here it is, just so you get used to incredible ‘human’ objects on Mars:and once again, from, Hoagland pointing out how NASA went back to eliminate the barrel: [After all, how could rocks erode to horizontal spindles ten feet long?]

But here we have another one. Yes there is more than one. I guess if you need weapons for a war, you want to and need to have more than one. Was there a war on Mars? Nobody knows for sure,but there are a lot of interesting metal ruins for a ‘lifeless planet’.

And briefly, let us look at one of the ruins taken by infrared cameras. There are plenty of such photos and they match the terrain anyone who has been in an airplane sees in fields, roads and cities.

One can never thank Hoagland and his associates enough for devoting years to going through these Mars photos as they came in. NASA has always maintained that it is ‘looking for life on Mars’. But as photography advances, that has become more of a joke than not. Please spend some time in Hoagland’s archives to satisfy yourself that humans, extraterrestrial or extramartian, have built monumental structures similar to those on Earth, and lived in them and worked in them. And then they were destroyed. We know not when or who, or do we?

So, along comes ESA, the European Space Agency, with no interest in covering up anything, and they put up the MARS EXPRESS ORBITER. The very first thing we learn is that NASA has been tinting the photos of Mars RED to make it seem as if they are exploring the barren red planet. Whoa, Mars Express showed us browns and GREENS. Well, that means there is an atmosphere, a blue sky, water, and chlorophyll. Hoagland told us NASA was lying, and ESA proved it:

Then NASA sent the twin rovers to Mars and started photographing all kinds of other ruins and relics. Without showing them, let me list a few: human skulls, buildings, statues, lakes, waterfalls, seashells, fossils, tracks, tubes, roads, cities, buildings, pyramids, tunnels, ramps, monoliths, and spires. Obviously someone was mining on Mars. Here is an open pit metal mine, most likely gold was the subject; but gold is usually found with silver, zinc, tin, lead, copper, mercury, nickel, and even some exotic metals like titanium, zirconium, and beryllium. In the formation of planets, volcanic vapors condense and particularly metals condense, in the same broad temperature range and so are frequently found together. Look at it:

Do we know who was mining gold and what methods they used to wash the ore? You betcha. You have to look to the ancient Sumerian tablets to find out a lot of things related to today, right now. But you don’t read Sumerian. The recently deceased author, Zacharia Sitchin, published his book ‘THE TWELFTH PLANET’ in 1974. It translates earlier archeological works of Europeans and clarifies earlier misunderstandings. It is the history of tall selfish human extraterrestrials from Nibiru, aka ‘PLANET X’,  which is in orbit around the sun and its dead twin, and returns every 3,657 years. These people from there call themselves the Annunaki, and they learned that if they powdered gold and put it in the atmosphere of their 29,000 mile diameter oceanic, atmospheric, and volcanic home planet, they could stay warmer between trips through our solar system. Thus, right there, we have an advanced technological society, just a few years ahead of our present Earth technology, but who had an overriding interest and ability in acquiring gold.

The Sumerian history of the Annunaki relates that they came to Earth perhaps 600,000 years ago to mine gold and did so for hundreds of thousands of years. Then, they rebelled, saying, why do we have to do the work when we can create a race of slaves and THEY can mine the gold? So, mankind was created, just smart enough to be good gold miners, and intentionally defective in a way that we would not realize that we are eternal souls, and the Annunaki are not the gods they pretended to be.
This was about 400,000 years ago, and anthropologists have discovered using DNA that all humans came from one woman in Africa about 400,000 years ago. That she was Annunaki and we are the descendents of the adams and eves, confirms Sitchin’s books, and the Sumerian scrolls. You can read about that yourself, and I suggest that you do.

Each person has to choose what he or she is going to believe. There will always be some who do not believe in ETs, or life on other planets, and to them I say, make yourself happy. To the rest, let us move along to 1995 when Nancy Lieder began taking questions from the public and telepathically asking them of the 100 percent human unselfish ETs known as the Zetas. The Zetas warn of imminent poleshift to be caused by the approach, not collision, to Earth, of Planet X. They emphasize that not only is this a natural disaster which cannot be averted, but also a graduation of Earth to a higher density, a higher frequency, and thus is an important fork in the road for the progress of the soul: service to other vs service to self. The Zetas have answered many questions about the Annunaki and their gold mining and their failure to progress beyond service to self. In those questions and answers are many discussions of Mars. I leave it to you to go to the website and read the entire panorama of information for yourself. There are 11 other mirror sites, in most languages, and it is, all 39,000 plus web pages, for free. I am vouching for the quality of the information as my wife and I have had contact with benevolent ETs ourselves, including the Zetas. Again, if you do not want to believe this, then don’t.

Moving along back to Mars, the Zetas have said that the Annunaki landed on the ocean planet Mars at the same time as on Earth, and built the same pyramid complexes, cities and facilities as on Earth. Being selfish and uncaring, they washed vast amounts of gold ore, called dredging and sluicing operations, by draining the oceans into the interior of Mars. Well, guess what? The Annunaki changed the climate of Mars making it far less favorable for residence. But more importantly, having used all the water up for gold mining, they had to stop the mining, and thus their purpose was negated for being on Mars. Without being able to put a date on it, this probably happened around 500,000 years ago, and made the project on Earth that much more important. Here, from Hoagland’s site is a photo of one of the massive tube structures for which Hoagland can only wonder a purpose:

These are NASA photos and NASA isn’t commenting other that to say there is no life verified on Mars yet, as if all these structures and improvements do not by themselves yell LIFE ON MARS. As Nancy Lieder has said, ‘It is as if NASA speaks out of both sides of its mouth.’ It makes you wonder if the original movie ‘Total Recall’ was right in that if the water could be brought back to the surface of Mars, the ‘terraforming’ would restore it to its former inhabitability. This would not be the only time benevolent guides and ETs have guided authors and filmmakers to write the actual truth as fiction.

Skipping over all the other rovers and orbiters on and around Mars, we come to the MARS CURIOSITY ROVER. Benevolent ETs in the Council of Worlds will not allow the rich and powerful elite to manufacture, install and use any equipment to escape Earth at poleshift because that has been the intention of NASA all along since it was created in 1958. There have been discussions of how the elite could survive poleshift and allow the common man to be expendable. One series of discussions are known as Alternatives 1, 2 and 3. Selfish ETs promised the elite that they would help the powerful escape the cataclysm, the apocalypse, on Earth. But they lied, and they, even if they meant it, will not be allowed anyway, by benevolent ETs. They say this is a spiritual lesson and no one is allowed to cut the class. But Curiosity had a benevolent purpose, even if part of the justification was selfish: to promote discoveries on Mars which would, in a down economy, justify further exploration of Mars. So the rover was launched and it landed successfully on Mars last August. The name of the rover itself is ‘Curiosity’ sort of like you might name your car ‘Betty’. On the rover is the heart of the mission, supposedly, called the ‘Mars Science Laboratory’ or ‘MSL’. But, based on what I am about to show you, the MSL is NOT the heart of the mission. The star of the mission has to be, without a doubt, the high resolution camera on Curiosity.

You might ask, why did the scientists at JPL and NASA choose to land in the GALE CRATER? That is a really good question, seeing what has been photographed there. Coincidentally, Janet brought me home from the post office an interesting magazine sent to the local library and discarded. I like to learn about things I would otherwise not known, and she knew I would probably like this large format magazine that she herself did not understand at all. Well guess what? It was the seasonal publication of a large geographic mapping company named ESRI. And this ESRI magazine is called ArcNews Fall 2012 Volume 34, No. 3. You can look up and read the article to be discussed at the following link, for free:

It seems that JPL and NASA had a bigger rover and they could not just land it anywhere. They hired ESRI to map several, actually 30 different, locations on Mars, with routes a large rover could take. Ostensibly, the mission is to “roam an ancient impact crater searching for clues to Mars’ dynamic history.” Using extremely high definition photographs of the surface translated to topographical maps, ESRI actually plotted the step by step routes. And then JPL and NASA chose the Gale Crater.

Part II will be published on November 20, 2012!

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