Melancholia: A Beautiful Movie About The End of The World

This is an exciting movie with current themes, for which Kirsten Dunst won a best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival. Why it was released in May in Europe and only in the USA next Friday, November 11th, must only be driven by money, by making a marketing decision.

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It is written, and produced, and partially filmed, by Lars Von Trier. It came about from several things coming together for Lars:

A] While being treated for his depression, his psychotherapist commented that depressed people handle calamity best as they already expect the worst. Lars decided to write a movie about a depressed woman as she experiences the end of the world. We know it is the end of the world because the movie begins with the collision and the death of all life on earth, and then flashes back to the life of the woman before and leading up to the disaster.

B] While trolling the internet, Lars came across and decided to incorporate many elements into his movie, which does NOT follow the Zetatalk description of what is to come, especially Lars’ two planets colliding and everyone dying. The elements he took from Zetatalk are:

A ‘blue’ colored ‘rogue’ planet hiding behind the sun, enters the solar system in a ‘slingshot orbit’ doing a ‘dance’ with earth, and passing by the earth during which time all animals become silent and static electricity goes between the other planet and earth. Justine marries but then discovers that she does not get along with her new husband because he does not believe that a planet is approaching. Zetatalk mentions frequently that there will be divisions among spouses, families, and friends as Planet X approaches. Some will wish to take action to save as many as possible, and others will not believe anything of the like is happening.

Zetatalk does mention Planet X, a red appearing planet, and also, a ‘dark twin of earth’ which is normally unseen in orbit on the other side of the sun, but when it catches up to the earth before poleshift, it has a blue color when seen. Zetatalk mentions that Planet X will pass close but NOT collide with earth, and many people will survive poleshift, although almost none along the coasts of the nations where a tidal surge of 600 feet will take out all shorefront urban areas. Melancholia is the ‘blue planet’ [the dark twin of earth with no atmosphere, oceans, volcanoes, or moons], not the ‘red planet’ Planet X, because then you have extraterrestrials, atmosphere, clouds, oceans, and volcanoes and moons. Wouldn’t want you to think any part of this movie is REAL. Wouldn’t want you to ask too many questions or start thinking too much……….

The ‘dark twin’ and Planet X will be seen in the sky together shortly before poleshift. Neither will collide with earth. This also fulfills the Hopi Prophecy of the Red and the Blue Katchinas: When they are seen together in the sky, it is the ending of one age and the beginning of the new world. Planet X might be considered ‘rogue’ as it comes through the solar system every 3,657 years, but as it is regular, and natural, ‘rogue’ might be a cheap phrase which is not really descriptive of the facts. The last pole shift, for your information is recorded in the Old Testament in the Bible, in Joshua Chapter 10, for those who are interested; and that did occur 3,650 +/- years ago.

C] While in discussion with Penelope Cruz about the starring role, she gave Lars the idea of two sisters with a strained relationship. Lars put that together with the idea that one sister is depressed, and the other is fabulously wealthy, successful and superficial. As the end of the world approaches, their roles change places and the one with the perfect life must depend on the damaged sister for strength to withstand the end of the world. Kirsten Dunst is the depressed sister, Justine who almost attains the the life of her sister, by a marriage. In this sense, the movie also mirrors Zetatalk because it is the wealthy who are in denial and party until the end, or commit suicide, because ‘their’ world is over, while those who have less or nothing, handle everything with strength and mental acuity.

I downloaded the movie trailer and converted it to a lower resolution mpg file which is attached to this email. If you want to see a high quality version go to the Youtube site.

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