Military Vehicle Photographed On Mars!


The ground robot on Mars Spirit photographed

this possible Martian vehicle!


Click here to enlarge photo above.

Above, I pointed out, surrounded and expanded this strange form, which looks like a Martian vehicle. This is the official website of NASA. On the page where the photo series SOL 2114, I red arrow to open the photos where you can see the strange vehicle. On this same page, we can see a black rectangle that I circled in red. Would there something that we want to hide? Currently, this photo with the possible vehicle circulating on the internet … This is what prompted me to go check it all, and go to the source … 

See the photo on the official website of NASA. This is the photo “Panoramic Camera SOL 2114”   


The photo is also here:



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One thought on “Military Vehicle Photographed On Mars!

  1. What are the four small objects in the corner
    If you look in the left corner,ZOOM in, just below the object that looks like a ship sinking, with its hull sticking up, you can faintly see four small figures of some sort. Are they humanoids, trees, ?? They seem to be four identical objects all of the same height. These objects don’t seem to fit into the scene, it almost looks like people walking uphill. Could their craft be that lighter looking object in the sand, it seems that object is lighter than any other. What are your thoughts?

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