NASA Confirms Santa Fe UFO Photo Authentic

The image was captured by a photo journalist from Venado Tuerto, who sent it to NASA for evaluation.

A photo journalist in the town of Venado Santa Fe Eye he took a picture of a unidentified flying object (UFO) and then, when sent to NASA for evaluation, the agency confirmed that the image was authentic, according to the agency published Télam .

It is the journalist and photographer Gaston Garnier, 26, who last December 10 was in the amphitheater of the Piazza Italia Venado Tuerto, awaiting the start of a folk rock.

To clarify the wait, Garnier decided to try his camera and took about five pictures to the moon appearing larger and brighter on the pines in front of the Plaza.

“In December there was an eclipse and was testing how far I would get the moon in my camera, I made five pictures and I was hoping to start a rock. Until that moment I saw nothing strange in the pictures,” he told the reporter and photographer working as a correspondent for the newspaper Southern Cross, the Rosary.

Garnier said that when he got home, got the pictures “and among the five who had captured with my camera featured a rare object, a kind of Greek And with bright balls hooked at their tips and perspective.”

Everyone I saw that image, including fellow journalists and photographers, agreed to describe it as very rare. I at no time I realized that object when drew the pictures, because I was focused on the moon,” he said.

Assessment of NASA. In order to get the plot on what was photographed last March 5, Garnier went to Internet and thus could give the Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA, which sent the photographs for evaluation scientific, although it previously had to fill out a form with your information.

Two days later, from NASA replied that the image of the UFO “had been subjected to several filters, and had determined that it was original, authentic and there were no tricks of any kind,” said the journalist.

According to the daily said La Capital , Rosario, NASA also explained the mechanism for this case.

“Moreover, I also reported that the December 13, 2010, as another image was taken in Abrantes (Portugal) and at the same time I did the shots in Argentina,” said Gaston amazed.

He explained that the NASA report says that “after digital analysis, we come to the conclusion that we have a genuine photo of a UFO (UFO) that, compared with several samples of our database, displays a 80.75 percent of similarity to one photographed on 13 December in Abrantes, Portugal. “

Garnier said, finally, that in January a colleague and friend from Venado Tuerto, who was in a bar in that town, also released a photograph of an object similar to the Greek and photographed him.


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