NASA, Space.Com, and FoxNews Embarrass themselves in stupid attack on PX Believers and Zetatalk


Here we have Space.Com, NASA’s mouthpiece, writing an article which Fox News picked up for its website. It is a full frontal attack on anyone who believes Planet X aka “The Winged Globe” is on its way to causing pole shift. But more than that, it is a full frontal attack on telepathy with extraterrestrial communications and even against Zecharia Sitchin’s landmark book “The Twelfth Planet”. And more than even that, it lies about what the experts say, and then uses these false facts to shoot the experts down. The elite who are lying to you are not even doing a good job shooting down the truth. I say it is the truth because I have photographs of Planet X, and photographs of the hitherto unexplained Dark Twin of Earth. Try denying that Space.Com.

First of all they quote Carl Sagan, the world’s greatest mouthpiece for the CIA that there are no extraterrestrials, and that skeptics need a tool kit to analyze concepts the government says are unsupported, but which actually are supported to a greater extent than anyone off the street could ever believe. Then Space.Com alleges that PX believers think there will be a collision with Earth. In fact, no one ever said there will be a collision. Believers, who include many scientists, did say PX will pass close enough to cause the Earth’s crust to detach from the core and reattach with Recife, Brazil as the new geographic and magnetic north pole.

Secondly they accuse Zecharia Sitchin of hypothesizing a twelfth planet. In fact he stated it was a reality based upon thousands, actually tens of thousands of Sumerian tablets and cylinder seals. Then they state that Sumerians thought there were 5 planets. That is ridiculous as the Sumerian phrase for Earth is that it is the 7th, not the 3rd planet. The Annunaki, selfish human ETs who live on PX, called Earth the “7th Planet” because coming from outside the solar system going toward the sun it is the 7th planet you come to. Then Space.Com states that astronomers do not believe there could be any planet in an egg shaped regular orbit which comes through the solar system every 3657 years, even though the last time, 1646 BC, is in the Bible plainly described in Joshua Chapter 10 as pole shift.

Thirdly, Space.Com goes on to attack Nancy Lieder, a ‘self described’ telepath to 100% human unselfish ETs from Zeta Reticuli, known as ‘Zetas’. Before I go one step further, I will state for the record that my wife and I have had Zeta ships in our yard, and Zetas in our yard and in our house. I can talk to them telepathically and my wife can see them which I can’t. We have more than enough experience with them in the last twenty years. So I am stating for the record that Nancy IS in contact with the Zetas whether you believe that or not, and also whether you like that or not. Then Space.Com accuses Nancy of predicting a ‘collision’ in 2003. Nancy has repeatedly stated that there would be no collision and that the Zetas would not give an exact date of pole shift because too many evil people would use that to take advantage of innocent people. Nancy did state that PX entered the inner solar system in 2003 and could cause pole shift ‘at any time’ thereafter. Then, in subsequent years the Zetas gave Nancy an ”event” calendar so precise that we are in 7/10 now where pole shift itself is 10/10. A final insult to Nancy is implied with the statement that she later associated nemesis with PX aka ‘Niburu’. Well, HELLO? she always stated the returning planet was Nibiru aka PX, she never ‘adopted it’ nor did she do anything except for the last 16 years take questions asked by the public and put them to the Zetas and print the answers on the 39,000 pages on her website How clear is that? You can, right now, turn to any of those pages, saved by date and read the questions and the answers. No where else on the planet in prophecy, history, science or religion is there as clear a statement of what will happen in the future, as on Zetatalk. In fact, the sheer volume of predictions and their accuracy is so beyond comparison with anything else, it stands alone.

Fourth, Space.Com goes on to try to confuse PX with Comet Elenin, even though NASA agrees with Nancy Lieder and the Zetas that Elenin is a meaningless dirty snowball of no consequence or effect.

Fifth, Planetary Astronomer David Morrison is quoted to supposedly put the final nail in the coffin of Planet X and Comet Elenin believers by stating that, and can you believe this, “IF PX were real it would be in the media”!  Well, HELLO? is any news good news? Is mentioning PX on Space.Com and FoxNews really mean it is NOT in the media? I guess David Morrison did not study propaganda psychology. If you want something to go away, you never mention it. Otherwise, it is on the tip of everyone’s tongue and in the forethought of all speech. NASA never mentions it if they don’t have to, other than announcing they had found it with the IRAS satellite in 1983 in the Washington Post and the New York Times, and ooops retracting on the next day by stating ‘No, we are still looking for it, sorry!’ Morrison then goes on to state that anyone who believes in Planet X is a victim of a scam and being taken advantage of, even though Sitchin’s books have been translated into 25 languages and sold millions upon millions of copies. As you can verify yourself, Zetatalk is one of the most popular and visited websites in all the worldwide web. Most of the leaders of most countries follow the latest drop by drop. So Morrison has one final parting shot: ‘no one can tell truth from lies’…  I would venture to state I know that is true at NASA Ames Research Center.

Oh, and by the way, David Morrison, if you are reading this, explain these photos of Planet X and the Dark Twin of Earth taken by NASA. I have attached them for your convenience. I suppose the thousands of photos of PX next to the sun taken by average people with digital cameras are all contrived as well? Then if these were all faked, I guess PX is a rumor. IF they were not faked, then I would think it is NASA Ames which is in the real trouble.


PS No one who studies the Mayan Prophecies, Zetatalk, or Sitchin’s books and related material states or believes that Planet X is the ‘end of earth’. Of course, Planet X will be the end of NASA and 60 years of US government space program lies, so I guess NASA Ames would call it ‘the end’. But then did the Ames researchers read any of the material, because if they did and still write articles like this one below, no wonder they cannot tell truth from lies. Why write articles against something you did not read. No one who reads the materials, all of them, dismisses the subject at all. 

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