Photo of Two Suns Caused By Planet X?

GJG Photo Of Two Suns
Sun Above and Planet X Complex Below
Taken From Coast Of Maine December 2006 At Sunset


I always have taken sunset photos, and was looking through my collection over the years and found this one. You may post this anywhere you wish, and or forward it to anyone you wish, with credit to me thank you.

This one was taken looking across Penobscot Bay to the western mountains 20 miles away, without any filtering at all.

This is the sun above, and below is the backlit 5 million mile long tail of Planet X forming a huge glowing area as bright as the sun.

There are plenty of Youtube videos by other people which show ‘two suns’ and most express curiosity over how that could be.

Well, it can be, and it is. This is Planet X below the sun. You cannot see the planet, but you can see the huge back lit tail making a ‘second sun’.


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