Planet X and Poleshift Soon


Here are some interesting details of government preparations for “what”.

We know poleshift is coming, and we know that earthquakes and tsunamis and tidal surges are part of it and part of the lead up to it. We also know that the government would love to retain control throughout the time of chaos. Because of we know that all those efforts will fail, and that there will be no rescue or help of any kind for anyone. Each person, on their own, has to find a safe location and switch into a survival community mode.

This world as we know it, as we live it now, is about to end. The Pacific Ocean is about to narrow, and the Atlantic Ocean is about to widen. The north end of South America is trying to and will move 3-400 miles west; while the north end of Africa is about to move and will move, 3-400 miles east. Before that happens, those areas are being besieged with quakes, sinkholes, landslides, and fractured infrastructure of civilization.

The earth is now making a huge north south wobble every day. This is going to bring salt water inundations, and is bringing them, in magnitudes never seen in living history. Eastern Asia, right now is subsiding. That includes coastal Thailand, Vietnam, China, and most of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other island nations. Northern Europe is suffering strange incoming tides higher than before, so strange there is no living or historical memory or record of things like this happening. But all of this is foretold with complete accuracy in ZETATALK. The events, as they are occurring are published in where you can become a member for free, and receive update emails for free.

Look at some of the recent events. As I write this, an almost 6.0 earthquake occurred in eastern central Oklahoma. Recently a modern cargo ship using GPS, accepted marine practice, rode straight into a reef in broad daylight, on the coast of New Zealand, spilling tons of heavy oil and about 2000 steel cargo containers onto one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I myself watched Orion rise in the east two nights ago, and instead of moving to go overhead, slid sideways due south. I saw it move perhaps 20 degrees south in one hour, BEFORE it started climbing higher in the sky! I know divers who say you can throw the tide tables away as you never know when the water is draining or coming back. Yet other marine connected people have told me they have not seen the tides change at all. This is the way it is happening: you just don’t know when you are going to be affected. You might think things are normal when in the next town, state, or country, things are anything but normal.

Recently scientists said the global amount of atmospheric CO2 had increased markedly in the last year; perhaps 6%. But this is NOT the problem. Over 1000 years ago there were, by comparison, fewer people and no industry, and yet CO2 was way higher than now. So atmospheric CO2 is a red herring and not connected at all to what is happening. What is happening is that Planet X is approaching the Earth and although it is only 4 times the size of Earth, its magnetic field is 23X the power of Earth’s magnetic field. That is causing the iron magma of the Earth’s core to surge and roil, and that is warming the Earth from the ground up. So the oceans are warming and warm water takes up more room. Warm oceans make bigger storms. Warm ground melts icy glaciers from underneath.

The north-south daily wobble of earth is making the normal horizontal jet stream to make giant north south loops which brings humid tropical air into contact with dry cold polar air. So in one town you have snow and in the next town over you have sunny warm temperatures. Or, you have violent storms erupt without precedent. You have GPS satellites giving information that is off, and you have the sun and moon paths changed remarkably north or south. Many people do not know what is ‘normal’ in the sky, and wouldn’t notice any changes even if it was pointed out to them.

Then you have the man made upheavals. The economic chaos is coming to a climax, and disillusionment with the ‘system’ is increasing daily. You have protests becoming violent, and threats of coups, such as in Greece, becoming normal.

All in all, you have a gradually increasing level of chaos in nature and in civilization. To many, these events seem disconnected, and impossible to interpret, UNLESS you understand that natural events are about to occur is such magnitude that nothing will ever be the same again. Planet X approaching, and poleshift impending make all of these pieces of the puzzle understandable.

So what is a government to do about these things? They will make plans for martial law, plans for crushing dissent and possible rioting and looting, violence, and, as things get worse, millions of people picking up and surging like a tide through the countryside trying to find safety. We find insiders reporting strange plans and stranger preparations, yet the media has kept the public from tying these events together.

What is it about governments and religions and bankers that they underestimate the resilience and strength of the people to deal with anything, no matter how dire? What it is is that these events are natural, and will be bad, and will end all governments, religions and economies. We, the people, don’t care that those in power retain their power. No, we care that we survive and that we can survive.

So there are plots and subplots, plans, and emergency plans of all sorts. All of them are designed to keep those in power to stay in power. And all of those plans will fail. No one will be in power ever again. These incoming natural events, unfolding before us now cannot be held back, cannot be changed, and cannot be reversed. The date of the actual poleshift is coming, but if someone does know the date, which is highly unlikely given the circumstances of it; they are not saying. Calendars are no help. Prophecies are helpful in general terms, but not precise. So we see the rats scurrying around on a sinking ship. And no amount of planning will help it from the government end of things. The government, and all religions, and all economic powers want to make things continue as ‘normal’ as long as possible. They do that by not telling YOU what is really happening. Now we are bringing troops back to this country from around the world. They cannot be released instantly back into an economy with no jobs. They are being placed in staging areas, to be made available in these disasters. But not to help you. No, they are being placed to help keep the powers that be in power. Worry not, though, as all these plans will fail. The good part is that soldiers will be closer to their families when the ultimate facts become common knowledge. At that point, no one will report for duty, or clock into their jobs, or stay at their posts. Everyone will be running for their lives. And not making any progress getting their. This is why YOU have to make plans today and implement them.

ZETATALK and POLESHIFT.NING have set down all the facts and if you want the keys to all the situations, the answers are there for you if you will but read what they have to say. This is the end of times and the beginning of a new and better world. The powers that be are entrenched, and they will not go away peacefully. But circumstances will wrench that power out of their hands and give it to the common person. This common person is the same common person who will be lucky to survive unless they take steps right now to get away from coastal plains and get inland at elevation, and start producing their own food and other supplies. I am being honest in telling you that NO help will come from disaster weary governments and organizations. You will be responsible for your own families and friends and you must begin those preparations now. The odds of some announcement from the governments is almost nil. The governments are trying to make plans for their survival, not yours. You are expendable, and unless you take personal steps, you will be expended.

This is why you get reports like those below. Individuals are trying to warn the public, but the full force of law is being used against them to shut them up. The media has been told what they can and can’t say. Do not expect to receive friendly survival information from your government. If that information were released, THEY would not survive. But they will not survive anyway.

This is a test: a spiritual test of your moral fiber: will you have the fortitude and will power to make the right choices now? These are choices that have to be made, yet most will not make them. Are you where you should be, with whom you should be, doing what you should be doing? If the world stopped right now, could you survive? What are you going to do about it? Time is short. The government would not be spending time on money on these baby steps unless it were real. Do you get ‘it’ ?

Do you realize that the most helpful and accurate information about all of this is coming from friendly, 100% human, unselfish extraterrestrials who care deeply about the common man? Think about it. These are souls from all over the universe who deeply care about the success of your spiritual growth. They know people are more important than things, than possessions. This is YOUR test. You can lead a horse to water, but will he take a drink? Those who do survive AND are unselfish will receive help from unselfish extraterrestrials. Poleshift has happened before, every 3,657 years; but never with open contact with ETs afterward. THIS is the fulfillment of prophecy: a new race of humanity achieving things never possible before. Don’t you want to be part of this new world? It is coming whether you want to be part of it or not…


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