Planet X Clearly Seen By Naked Eye

A cheap digital camera and a cheap #12 welding filter were used for this photo.

Hi, I keep telling people that I am not making this up; that Planet X is visible plainly now and can be seen, photographed, and videotaped. Here is a report today that it is plainly obvious from NW New Mexico. And she wanted me to be wrong; but there it is. Right where it is when I photograph it.

Here is a photo I took in October. And below it is the confirmation from a person in NM.

And see what she says: “its not that small, either.”

What are YOU waiting for? The President has to announce something anyone can see, doesn’t he? It is time. Go out and look for it yourself. Do you need the President to tell you what your ‘lying’ eyes see?

Are you in the media? Go take your own picture and post it. WHAT are you waiting for?

Go to to understand what this is and what it means.

How did a 29,000 mile diameter planet get between the earth and the sun without NASA knowing all about it? Did they tell you about it? Kind of embarrassing isn’t it? Are you going to sit inside with the shades drawn with THIS going on outside, waiting for this to make it to the news, or are you going to look for yourself? Shouldn’t the President AND NASA be explaining this?

Thanks to CS for this report…..



Hey guys:

I said I’d monitor the sky in the mornings and evenings to confirm my naked-eye PX sighting that I noted to you in an earlier email.

Well, today is Sunday, November 4, 2012. I went out to the backyard this morning shortly after sunrise and took a look. The sun has moved further South since we arrived here almost 6 weeks ago. I hate to report that it’s there guys. It’s there. I can see it with the naked eye–albeit shielding my face to reveal the 5pm position. It’s not that small either. In the mornings and evenings since I wrote you I could never be completely sure due to clouds or atmospheric anomalies that interfered with the horizon.

However, I’m completely sure now. I SO wanted you to be wrong Gordon — hey, it’s always something, huh? I’ve been caring for people all my life. I suppose it will naturally continue.


You can tell Nancy [Lieder] if you wish. I am completely sure. PX is visible in NM over the mountain mesas to the East. We are approximately 8 miles off the highway. There are mesas on either side of the house. I doubt anyone here has noticed it, yet.

Hold on; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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