Planet X, HAARP and Exopolitics

Dear Seattle Examiner EXOPOLITICS:

“You guys are so wrong about HAARP, it is not funny.  All this weather and quakes and every other damn thing are caused by Planet X in between the Sun and the Earth but off to the side a little…”

Every 3,657 years for hundreds of millions of years Planet X comes through our solar system. Then we have geographic pole shift as the crust comes free of the core and reattaches. In this one, about to happen, the new north pole will be about 100 miles NE of Recife Brazil. 
Originally Earth was a watery planet between Mars and Jupiter known as TIAMAT.  On one of the PX passages, one of its moons hit Tiamat in what is now the Pacific Ocean and knocked earth to its present orbit. So how long ago was Pangaea? And since then, every passage allows the earth to balance its land masses a little more. The next pole shift will narrow the Pacific and widen the Atlantic, among other things.
I am well versed in electronics, Tesla, and the secret government. I hold an advanced short wave license.  If HAARP were to be responsible for everything you think, it would have Alaska covered in antennas and nuclear power plants. Do you realize some of the quakes are 800 miles deep?  This is the north pole of PX magnetically causing the north pole of earth to wobble, or roll away, which sloshes the magma and causes the edges of the plates to rip, loosening the grip of myriad fingers.
HAARP was designed, among other minor uses to detect ET 4th dimensional mother-ships by painting them as radar does not show them. 
After China, the biggest purchaser of US debt is Japan.  And the source of some of our electronic patents is Japan.  Why would the elite who depend upon the military industrial complex destroy the source of their deficit money and their technology?  The worst hasn’t happened yet but the lead up to pole shift is the total destruction of Japan, followed within hours by the New Madrid Fault which will split the US SW to NE with salt water, then the ripping wider of the Atlantic Rift, causing a tsunami 300 ft high to sweep over the UK and take out Denmark and the Baltic lowlands. And this is just 7 out of 10 with 10 being pole shift.
The US government has known of this for 60 years and done nothing. Shouldn’t you be focusing on the truth instead of made up electronic BS?  The elite want live, not dead, customers and live, not dead, slaves. You are either part of a massive disinformation campaign or the most horribly inept reporting source ever.
Which is it?
NASA loves it when you focus on comets, asteroids, HAARP, and other crap, while they will not acknowledge Planet X although it shows up on the SOHO images regularly.  These are  real photos. THESE ARE REAL PHOTOS.
So if you want to know the truth, read this website:
And use the Google search engine on the site for the site and start reading the 39,000 web pages on it, and stop the reporting crap …  You make the old weekly world news rag seem very credible, and it is too bad they are not still in existence so you would look worse than them.
It is awful what you are doing because this is happening right in front of our faces and you are in denial.  You are spreading the establishment lies.  And if you want to know the truth, and all the ET-Planet X-Pole shift connections they are right there on that site, including the truth about HAARP.  Every time you write one more word about HAARP causing all these problems, they are laughing in the back rooms of the secret government about how easy you were to fool .  Forget HAARP and focus on Planet X!
You have a large audience. I expect you to be more responsible. Now get on it!
I will be speaking next weekend at a conference in New Mexico and you can send a reporter and report on what I am going to say! HAARP reports magnetic flux on their website. Are you idiot enough to believe they are destroying things and then posting it on their website? Do hit men list their hits on their website?  Do burglars list the houses they robbed on their websites?  Your reasoning absolutely defies logic of any kind! Wake Up!
Go to the main site for this conference and listen to the ticking clock they just put there.  That is YOU wasting time!

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