PLANET X Mentioned by Announcer on Sci-Fi Channel

PLANET X Mentioned by Announcer on Sci-Fi Channel Friday Night Smackdown Wrestling Show  Attached mp3, and images related to PX 

By Gordon J. Gianninoto 

It is almost impossible to get Planet X mentioned in the mainstream media other than a History Channel show or two, but if you know anything about professional wrestling, they like to create a soap opera scenario in order to garner interest and attention. Somehow they put together a wrestling match between the ‘GIANT’ and the ‘CORE’ and ‘EZEKIEL’ .

As I have been saying for 4 years now, Planet X is approaching Earth laying on its side with its north pole pointed at the Earth like a flashlight. Thus the magnetic field of Planet X is causing the Earth’s Core to heat up and is presently sinking Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Zecharia Sitchin wrote of the Annunaki, the selfish giants who live on Planet X and came to Earth to create man by mixing their DNA with that of apes to create a race of slaves just smart enough to mine gold but not smart enough to know that we are eternal souls.

In all of Sitchin’s books, he wrote of brother vs brother from Nibiru aka Planet X fighting. In fact, the Annunaki, like all selfish people, could not work together with each other, and were in constant disagreement over everything from who was in charge to who owned what, to who to mate with and have what children who figured into what line of succession.

All of this is written in thousands of clay tablets and cylinder seals and bas reliefs from Sumer. Most of that information has been translated, and, of course, the archeologists disagree over the translations, with those from 150 years ago thinking that the tales were myths, and more recent translators taking the position that it is actual history of Earth.

Science is day by day proving that the records are not myths but facts. From the discovery that everyone on Earth was born of a single woman in Africa between 400,000 and 600,000 years ago, to the discovery of a 250,000 year old city near the largest gold fields in Africa, that may have held several million people and which is 200 x 100 miles, thanks to Google Satellite Maps and on the ground carbon 14 dating.

So if the major part of the tablets is true, why not the rest? The rest is that Planet X, aka Nibiru, comes through our solar system every 3,657 years and causes pole shift on Earth; some minor like the last one at the time Moses and Joshua sought the promised land [see Joshua Chapter 10 in the Old Testament and Genesis Chapter 1]. But this time the pole shift will not be 10 or 15 degrees, but over 90 degrees placing the new north pole off the eastern tip of Brazil.

So why not use this information to create an entertainment drama, and by that means let everyone know it is real, in a manner that skeptics can use to dismiss the entire subject as a farce? But here it is.

Thank you to Sheldon Day for posting this mp3 file on his site, link above. We don’t have to worry about the selfish giants coming back, but their planet trailing hundreds of moons and trillions of rocks is next to the Sun where we can’t see it, yet, and it is about to cause pole shift. As it leaves the solar system, the tail, containing rocks, hydrocarbons, iron ore dust, and even carbo-hydrates [the manna from heaven] is about to rake the Earth and do untold damage. Planet X itself will not hit the Earth, but be almost as large as the full moon as it passes by in a frightening display with its rippling serpentine tail.

As you know, wrestling matches are not going to discuss the change to the 4th dimension on Earth within 100 years, and open contact with unselfish ETs, but gosh darn it, the story is getting out. Keep watching the media, as who knows where the story will show up again!

As the file is only 144 kb, I have attached it to this email. Thus you can either go to the link above or click on the attachment to this email, and or save it to your hard drive.

And again, if you want to know the entire scenario of open contact with ETs, the Annunaki, pole shift and the coming 4th dimensional change to life on Earth, go to 

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