Regarding Changes in the Sun are Changing Us

Well I like Christopher Rudy  a lot, and he gave me my first interview, so I have him to thank for a lot, that is true. But this is not exactly as he states it. First of all he is still trying to sell products, so that colors his presentation. More importantly, Planet X is in between the sun and the earth, so the flow of particles is changed, but not because of the galaxy as much as it is the electromagnetic field and gravitational field of Planet X. The magnetic field of the earth is a toroid, but the solar wind blows particles away from the sun in a tear drop shape, normally. But with Planet X being 23 x the magnetic field of earth, and the north pole of PX laying on its side pointed at the earth’s equator like a flashlight, the magnetrons coming off our north pole, instead of streaming away from the sun, are going back toward the sun to enter the south pole of Planet X. Without figuring Planet X into the equation, one cannot understand what is happening.

It was Wilhelm Reich who discovered the half life of radioactive substances could be transmuted when he put radium into his orgone chamber and the next morning it was not radioactive at all. This has been covered up by the US government partly because they do not yet have a way to transmute the products of a nuclear disaster or explosion to completely neutralize it. But the ETs do. Whether they will use that to help clean up all the GE and other reactor messes, is not yet revealed. But they have individually demonstrated this to all the powers with nuclear bombs, making them harmless in less than a minute.

So the truth is that electromagnetic fields, radiation, and gravity are all closely related in ways not yet understood by earth scientists. You cannot state correctly what the sun is doing for two reasons: you don’t understand it if it were by itself, let alone with Planet X standing in between the sun and earth. Yes there are influences from the farthest parts of the universe affecting us at all times, but at this time, the major influence is in front of the sun with Planet X holding the earth, the dark twin of earth and venus in a cup. The earth, Venus, the dark twin and the sun all have the north poles facing up and the north pole-south pole axis of Planet X is horizontal and the major influence right now.

The next level frequency of earth dimensions is coming and will be here in one hundred years when the population of earth reaches 90 percent unselfish. Such a transition has always been done on an empty planet, so this is the first time that it will be attempted with an inhabited planet. This by itself has attracted not millions but billions of ETs here to witness it. So yes, the sun and particles and fields are in transitions, but why attribute it to forces far away, when we have the elephant in the room in front of us when we face the sun? At the moment of pole shift, PX will be speeding out of our solar system and its influence will lessen markedly. Then those who are in a position to study the sun by itself, will not have the means to do so unless aided by ETs who already understand far more than we do.

And cancer is an emotional disease that starts with the attitude and from there affects the body. A new ‘science’ has come up recently with the publishing of the book ‘Earthing’. Basically, modern man isolates himself from grounding his static and positive charges from grounding on the earth. Farming grounds you, walking on the earth barefoot grounds you. Holding trees and animals in contact with the earth grounds you. Immersing yourself in water, particularly salt water, grounds you. Health is a factor of many influences, and while many are ill, many others have never been healthier. So all in all, depending upon one video to understand the entire picture leads down a road of illusions. Many yogis sleep on bare ground.

There is no simplistic description of what is happening on Venas any attempt to describe it without the temporary planetary situation is ignoring the major influences. And, as no one on earth understands how these fields interact, or the true nature of the sun, it is superfluous to sum it all up as one this or one that. If I had to point out one cause of a big problem it would be the depletion of the soil, the poisoning of the soil, air and water, and the genetically modified plants and animals people are eating with the strange interaction of money seeking pharmaceutical companies, and treatments not cures by the medical establishment. I hope you would agree that the way mankind treats others, putting possessions ahead of people has a major daily influence on attitudes, and health.

One thing is clear, the activities of man will soon become irrelevant and will be seen later as rearranging deck chairs on the  Titanic. I would say that instead of figuring out what is affecting others, it is time to examine your own motives and behaviors and  choose to  follow the golden rule, to use empathy to connect with others and help them.

No matter how healthy you are, you cannot take your health or your body to your next lifetime, but you can take all your spiritual lessons and spiritual achievements. So even if you are sick and near death, and even if you live only 5 minutes more, if you would spend it helping other people without such concern for your own welfare, you will have achieved graduation. As Janet says, ‘The bus is leaving, are you going to be on it?’ So, what does it matter what the sun or the planets or the universe or the galaxy is doing, if you have not examined your own intentions and behavior? So anything that you can use as an excuse to act wisely with kindness, is ok, isn’t it? Get yourself to where you need to be any way you can get there by helping others.

As everything is connected, there is nothing that happens anywhere that does not affect all of us.

I hope this helps your understanding,


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