Reinaldo Rios UFO researcher supports Rihanna on her experience with UFOs

Reinaldo Rios leads a group of paranormal researchers in the field which also includes UFOs which openly offer their support and endorsement to Rihanna on their experiences with UFOs. His experience is known in the UFO world as close contact of the first type, which is to see the flying object distance. The much talked famous encounter of the third type would see the craft and beings, where Rihanna will have the opportunity to live in the film.

The popular singer used to sit with his father every night to try to see UFOs in the skies of his native town, Bridgetown, Barbados. This is an indication beyond curious that these beings are subliminally wanting something from the person. The aliens do not let the world see very often, if you could be an isolated experience, but when it becomes a habit to look for is the insistence by some, as happened to Rihanna and her father.

Although she humbly expressed only saw a shooting star once, does not rule out that there is something more ufologist and above all that desire to see them and look for a sign that something expect these creatures to her, or she will have a mission his life related to this issue and has started from publicly expressing his love of the subject and his debut feature film based on aliens.

“My father made me sit in the front door every night to go see UFOs. I saw none pass but never saw a shooting star once said, ‘Yes! Dad come to watch this, ‘”public expressions of the artist.

Rihanna, who will fight against aliens in the new film ‘Battleship’, admitted that his role has made him even more to admire those who fight to defend their country.

Graphic – Singer Rihanna

“I do not doubt that it was the aliens who drove Rihanna to the movies that she may be a spokesman for great things, these influential beings often choose to take their messages that are among us,” says Reinaldo Rios.

Indicates Reinaldo Rios do not be surprised to receive many attacks against them on their experiences with UFOs and that all who are active in this environment or who have expressed some affinity to the subject are attacked strongly, but do not be intimidated but much to do especially in the philosophy of alien life and we are not alone in the universe, and now her turn to find or define that it ought to do. One parcel would favor them or UFO port, which Reinaldo Rios is poor and could not have them.

“A good sign of gratitude to these people who no doubt took Rihanna to the big screen, then I would recommend creating a school of parapsychology, a great museum UFOs, a UFO port, or even a statue of an alien as a viewpoint in >one of the coasts of his native people “expressed Reinaldo Rios.

The researcher volunteers to orient or invite her to a search of its outward alien. Especially not drop the bad vibes, ask the aliens in the name of God to protect and help.

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