In recent times, there’s been increasing interest in the field of Spirit Rescue. Spirit Rescue has been a form of mediumship that has been pushed aside, hidden, or even looked down upon at times. This happens for many reasons, but the most common reasons would be due to fear and misconceptions. Working with ghosts or earthbound energies has always been seen as something that was negative. I’ve been told many times as a Rescue Medium to stay away from rescue work, as this will bring me nothing but negative energy and bad situations that will hurt me in the end. I can now tell you, that as a Rescue Medium for the past 12 years, that this is simply not the case. Though you do have to work with heavier or more dense energy, it does not mean that this energy is always negative.

By Amy Major

As a Rescue Medium, I’ve had to set aside my conditional beliefs about the spirit world and ghosts. Since childhood, I was taught to believe that ghosts are evil, scary, and harmful. Many stories, movies, and books regarding ghosts have always depicted them as negative. While I find you always have a few bad apples, most ghosts or as I like to call them, “Earthbound spirits”, are people just like you and I looking to find their way. This is where Rescue Mediums are needed. We communicate, counsel, and guide these earthbound spirits so that they can continue on with their transition to the other side.

The most commonly asked question is why does a spirit remain earthbound.
The truth is that there aren’t any simple answers. Reasons why the soul does not cross are as individual as the person who has made the decision to remain earthbound. Upon death, the soul is usually greeted by family, friends, loved ones, guides and angels. These afterlife spirits help transition the soul over to the “other side”. Granted, there are no sides to heaven and earth. One does not cross a line and, “boom”, you’re in heaven. It is a bit more complex. “Crossing Over” is just an easy analogy to explain the transition of the soul from the earth plane of existence to a return to the greater consciousness and energy level known as heaven. Though most souls make this transition easily, there are some souls that after death for one reason or another do not make the full transition to heaven.
Spirits will remain due to fear, anxiety, grief, traumatic death, anger, emotional pain, holding onto earthly possessions or because they just aren’t ready to leave. These emotions can cloud or disillusion the spirit from their guides, angels and family which is why they do not follow them to the spirit world. Some deaths are so traumatic that they do not even realize that they are dead. Many of these spirits seem lost or confused in the spirit world. Though the soul is blind to their guides and angels, they are never alone. Their guides and angels are always by their side, waiting for them to find their way. When the soul is made aware of the circumstances of their death or is able to communicate with a living person (Medium) capable of hearing them, oftentimes they will accept their situation and cross over. Other earthbound spirits are aware of their death and have made the conscious decision to not cross over. Emotions cloud their better judgment from following their guides and angels. These spirits may take longer to convince to cross over and usually just need to be removed or cleared until they are ready to communicate and cross.
While Rescue mediums work mainly with earthbound energy, we also work with spirit attachments and clearing of residual energy. Certain spirits will search out and find people that they find comfort in. Someone might remind them of a family member they once had and the spirit will stay close to that person for emotional support. All will play some part in comforting and relieving the stress of the spirit. While most spirits are attached for feelings of comfort, there are a few that attach themselves for negative reasons. Those spirits with negative intentions or motives may stay around a person to harass, frighten or hinder them. Spirit Rescue mediums aid in the removal of these attachments. If a spirit is willing and ready to cross over, the medium helps in their transition. If the spirit is not ready to cross over and only wants to cause more pain and suffering, then the rescue medium helps in the removal and clearing of this spirit from the location.
Spirit Rescue mediums are also known as clearers. There are times people believe their home, office or dwelling is haunted, and this is mainly due to residual energy. Residual energy or “imprints” is a form of energy left behind by a certain event or person. Residual energy can be so dense and strong that it may seem like it’s an earthbound spirit. Residual energy is not an actual spirit, rather just energy displaced by a spirit or event which you are picking up on an emotional or energy level. They do not have any interaction with you, rather they may play over and over again, revealing the nature of the imprint. Residual energy is the most common cause of hauntings.
While many people believe Spirit Rescue is also communication with non-human negative energies or entities, in fact, it is not. Spirit Rescue work is the aiding of human earthbound energy to transition to the other side. Non-human negative energies or entities are not in need of rescue work, nor do they need to cross over. These energies need to be removed by either a demonologist or someone experienced in the removal of negative entities. I do not work with any of these energies as this is not rescue work.
Spirit Rescue mediums are often portrayed as paranormal investigators, however, we do not investigate the way paranormal groups do. Rescue mediums will know right away what type of energy you have in your situation and help resolve it by removing and clearing the space. There are Rescue Mediums that may assist a paranormal team if they wish to do so. I prefer not to work with paranormal teams for a few key reasons. Though I believe their intentions are pure, I regard their tactics, techniques and inexperience as possibly causing more harm than good. Oftentimes, paranormal investigators will attempt to provoke a response, which can lead to attracting negative energy or angering an otherwise peaceful spirit. The main reason I choose not to work with paranormal investigators is due to their negative depiction of ghosts. Paranormal teams continue to exaggerate events and portray ghosts as being negative, hostile, and scary. As I’ve mentioned, most hauntings are due to residual energy, next would be a higher spiritual energy (a spirit that has crossed over) that just wants to be around you. The next would be from an earthbound energy that is lost and trying to find their way home. The last would be from earthbound spirits that have harmful, negative intentions and non-human negative entities. For the most part, paranormal investigators will experience simple residual energy. However, the smallest experience or cause for a haunting becomes hyped up to a full blown paranormal event, when in reality its far from a true haunting. Most fear of ghosts comes from the fear of the unknown rather than fear of the ghost itself. I can only hope with time and education that we can change the way the public views spirits and eliminate the fear we’ve held for so long.
While the main reason for Rescue work is to help in the transition of the spirit to the other side, it also serves to help people who are still alive, suffering through hardships and problems of their own. Rescue mediums are also messengers, and we believe that with every experience, there is a lesson to be learned. We can only hope that with every spirit that we rescue, we can use the experiences to educate people on this side to help them with their own situations. It’s my hope that with each situation we face, hardship we overcome, and lesson we learn, that we can learn to live our lives to the best of our ability. Let the lessons of the past serve as a guide for your own life, so that when it comes time for you to make your transition to the other side you can make it confidently, being proud of what you’ve accomplished and the people you’ve come to love.
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