Scans of Alien Eyes and References To Saturn On Earth From And In Regard to PX Returns and Pole Shifts

Publisher’s Note: This article is In response to an email sent by Robert D. Morningstar, UFO Digest Editor, to  Gordon concerning his latest article: Dates of Previous Pole Shifts and Likely Events To Match including Joshua describing it in the Old Testament

I forgot to add this link on the 30 year Saturn cycle.


Saturn is visibly flattened at the poles, a result of the very fast rotation of the Orbital period (years), 29.458. Mean orbital velocity (km/sec), 9.67 


You have mentioned something very important that I know, but is not known generally and you can see why!

In Wesley Bates book “Alien Eyes” in which he telepathically contacts souls now who spent at least one lifetime on Earth and asks them about it, and what they are doing now; one of my favorite books of all time, he mentions that the Maldecians did not know how to build stone structures that resonated on various frequencies.

I do not know whether there was a planet between Mars and Jupiter called Maldek or whether this is another way of talking about the Annunaki. I have never been able to figure out the connection but the Zetas talk about the Annunaki building the pyramids. Anyway, they, the selfish ETs from Maldek [Annunaki???], obtained two groups of people and brought them to earth to do the construction. One of them brought tobacco and started smoking on Earth. At that time Jupiter and Saturn were known as ‘radiars’ and while not inhabitable then or now, their moons had humans living on them. The Maldecians evidently brought mathematicians from an inhabited moon of Saturn to plan and supervise the construction. People never have figured out why the grand gallery of the great pyramid is constructed as it is. The Annunaki or Maldecians were tall blondes with cobra bracelets. The point of matching pyramids on Earth and Mars was to, at a certain alignment, send the life energy of Earth and Mars to Maldek and force it into the 4th dimension.

So, at the exact moment, a huge spark went from the great pyramids of Mars and the Earth toward Maldek. I guess they thought that they could somehow leave Earth and go home and when they got there become 4th dimensional. But instead, to the horror of everyone there, Maldek exploded. The first thing that the ETs did was execute all the imported mathematicians, and the builders, and then they had an orgy for days of sex and killing and then committed suicide. Then a rain of rocks splattered throughout the solar system. It was thought that if all the inhabited planets and moons were abandoned and the people brought to Earth, there was a chance of some surviving. But as they were brought, [many groups in our solar system had space travel at that time], the Earth was hit over and over by pieces of Maldek and almost everyone if not everyone died. If this is not the complete description of the reasons for the interior of the great pyramid, I will eat my hat! This book, Alien Eyes, describes all the unusual attributes of the Great Pyramid, including the dug pit tunnel at the bottom, which he explains, fine tuned the resonant frequencies to transmit life energy to Maldek, which unfortunately was more energy than Maldek could handle.

I urge everyone to read this most fascinating book. It is quite thick, and as long as it is, it cannot be put down, and you will end up wishing it was a 25 volume set instead of just one book. If you do not believe telepathy is possible, you will think the whole thing is a fairy tale. I have taught myself telepathy and contacted unselfish ETs from the Pleiades and the Zetas, so I know it is real. You will find out what life is like right now on dozens of human planets, and about civilizations of thousands more. I cannot say enough about this book. I have included only the story of the great pyramid.

Now it is known there is enough material to make a planet in the ‘asteroid belt’ between Mars and Jupiter. But then there is the huge hole in the Pacific and in part the adjustment of the tectonic plates at this coming pole shift is the narrowing of the Pacific. Officially scientists do not know why land is distributed on the surface of the Earth except for the Pacific. At one time, some scientists thought maybe the Moon came from the Pacific. Luckily that idea is not currently believed by anyone. It is clear the Moon was a planet with life somewhere before it came or was brought here. Then there are the tales of psychics and ET contactees that the Earth was in that orbit outside of Mars, and huge, and it was known as the watery planet, no land, known as Tiamat, and Niburu, aka Planet X came through every 3657 years and one of those times a large moon of PX hit Tiamat and blasted most of it into space, and knocked what was left into the present orbit we enjoy.

So, were inhabitants of a moon of Saturn, skilled in working with stone and very skilled in vibratory mathematics, brought to Earth and did they leave evidence of their past home in the structures they built? How many structures on Earth have a Saturnian connection? Was there ever a planet Maldek? Was it inhabited by the Annunaki? Did the people from Maldek or from PX bring people from all over the solar system to Earth in a grand and ill fated scheme to become 4th dimensional without earning that status, by, as selfish people are wont to do, forcing events against nature itself?

I hope you can add to this discussion. If you have the time and money, go to Light Technology Publishing and order Wesley’s book. He was in ill health and I do not know if he is still alive. But this one book describes life on Mars before it died, all different phases of life on Earth, and what it is like on hundreds and thousands of planets right now where people who have lived on Earth in at least one lifetime live now. As a scientist from Harvard [not that YOU are] you might think this is all garbage, and there is no proof of anything in that book. But I tell you that it rings true to me, and is one of those things that you could not possibly make up, as hard as you might try. I will now try to attach some scanned pages from Alien Eyes about the completion of the great pyramid and the destruction of Maldek and the aftertime. Please let me know what you think.


If you would like more information or would like to purchase this book from simply click on its title: Through Alien Eyes

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