Ship Sinking In China Points To Planet X…Tide Tables Useless In Maine

I was speaking to a commercial diver in downeast Maine the other day and he said that you might as well throw out the tide tables. Tides are one of the first things ever calculated and have not changed for thousands of years. One can calculate high tides centuries into the future. So actually it is very unusual to not know when the tide will be high or low or the height. This is very frustrating for him as the dive tables are based on time at a certain depth. In that part of Maine the tides are 20 feet. An extra 20 feet of water can be very dangerous for a diver and affect the length of the dive. He said he has seen what are normally called astronomical high and low tides at all the wrong times; and more than that, they come and go in a few hours instead of 6 hours, so no one knows what to do about it.

A 17 million yuan (US $2.68 million) luxury cruise ship sank in the Yellow River immediately after it was launched in Lanzhou in northwest China. The ship, “Jiugang” went down due to a mishandling error on September 29 and was salvaged three days later. No one was hurt in the accident, the Nanfang Daily reported yesterday. A picture posted on the Internet showed the stern of the ship submerged, with the bow tilted up at an angle of about 30 degrees. The ship was commissioned by the local Jiugang Group. The Lanzhou Transportation Bureau was in charge of its construction. The cruise ship is 32.4 meters long with a top speed of 22 kilometers per hour and can carry 80 passengers. A bureau official, surnamed Qiao, said the ship was built by a Sichuan Province company, but media reports said it was constructed in the city’s Gaolan County.

Qiao said the shipyard wrongly calculated the water level on the launch day.

This is happening because Planet X has aimed its north pole at the earth and grips the magnetic Great Atlantic Rift every day when it turns to face the side of the sun where Planet X is hiding in plain sight. I would think it is highly embarrassing to launch a 100 ft cruise ship worth millions and have it sink.

They probably set the launch from the tide tables instead of using their god given eyesight. It probably hit a rock and punctured the bottom, and it filled with water and sank.

A sunken ship usually costs at least 50% of the value to repair. An innocent boat launch became a disaster which points to evidence Planet X is in our solar system, causing havoc in the lead up to pole shift. Not only is it embarrassing, it is doubly so because of the government coverup. Fractures in the coverup will continue to come from all directions, some very unexpected.

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