Spectacular New Photos Of Planet X Near The Sun Taken Today (March 6)


A professional photographer in Christchurch, New Zealand, captured these photographs of Planet X today. Sandi Nicole, a member of the http://poleshift.ning.com submitted these to the ning at the above blog link.

She used a Canon digital SLR to see it in the first place; and used various other cameras and lenses to take these photos.

Being so close to the sun it is impossible to see Planet X with the naked eye and you should not try to do so. That would be very dangerous to your eyes. But here, through an automatically adjusting exposure on the digital camera it is as plain as anything anywhere.

When finally Planet X stands far enough from the sun to be visible with the naked eye, it will take about 3 days for this information to sweep the earth and that means chaos, as the realization we are 7.3 weeks from pole shift.

These photos show that all those who allege it is only visible in the night sky, that it is a brown dwarf star, that it is way below the ecliptic, or that it is not coming for hundreds of years, are WRONG.

This is very clearly a planet surrounded by clouds of iron ore dust in the tail, illuminated from behind by the sun. The actual disk of the planet is not visible, but the huge cloud of dust following it is brightly lit and that is what we see here.

The only place to get the information that matches what NASA and people around the earth are seeing is http://www.zetatalk and these photos are absolute proof that Planet X is here and about to cause pole shift in an unknown amount of time. The human ET Zetas have given an EVENT CALENDAR not a time schedule. Thus, we have to have huge quakes in Japan, the New Madrid Fault, the rolling of the upper part of South America west into the Pacific, and a huge tsunami hitting the UK and sweeping through to wipe Denmark off the map even before pole shift. So, these are all, including this photo series, precursor events.

Have you moved to a place of safety with your loved ones and set up an unselfish survival community? Thinking you can stay in your cities and go at the last moments is the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM. What more evidence do you need? Well there will be more, and all of it will be notice that the short time is growing shorter.

Please forward these photos to everyone you know. They have been placed in the public domain and are free to distribute far and wide without permission. If you are kind, you will give credit to Sandi Nicole, for shooting them. You have my permission to post this email anywhere if you keep it in its entirety with the links.


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