Publisher’s Note:  My friend Christian Macé emailed me this discovery he made of a possible vehicle on Mars. I immediately thought I saw a military tank so I enlarged the original photo (bottom of article) by using auto contrast as well as using the sharpening filter and finally using the equalize tool in Abode Photoshop 7.0. and to my surprise and delight the image that emerged was of a twentieth century modern tank. Please note that tracks on the side of the vehicle, the turret on top of the vehicle and the cannon mounted on the top left of the vehicle. Your comments would be appreciated.  Enjoy Dirk

To enlarge top left photo click here.

This form of vehicle photographed by Curiosity on Mars on August 2, 2013. The photo in question that interests us here is the details of the photo are: MastCam Left, SOL 352. Taken on August 2, 2013, and posted on the official website on August 8, 2013:

It is on the list on the official site here:

Here the other vehicle on Mars photographed by the robot SPIRIT ground:


Below, I black arrow the “THING” and I enlarged:

Click here to enlarge photo above.

Click here to enlarge photo above.

Click here to enlarge photo above.



  1. Tank on Mars
    Either rocks on Mars take on a variety of odd shapes, thanks to shadows and angles, or some alien someone is really enjoying a good joke. Even if our “Solar Warden” space fleet, if it exists, is on Mars, they wouldn’t have 20th Century tanks with cannons and turrets. The only other possibility, our entire reality is not what we know it to be.

  2. Back to reality please!
    I am not being disrespectful here but I have yet to see a photo from mars that I could really believe. We can’t draw conclusions from what we see here! NASA would never allow anything revealing to be released even if they had photographed something significant. There is a coverup on the truth we all know and sense that.
    Mars is a great mystery but these pictures offer no more than noticing animal shapes in clouds does. Keep sending them in Christian…One day we may get a scoop!

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