The Day of Judgment is Coming! Not Exactly.

Re: The Day of Judgment is Coming! 


The satellite crashed yesterday Friday the 23rd, the bible is not a calendar, and I was telling someone yesterday that the way to see planet x is to look at the sun in the reflection of a car window, and when I brought him next to a car and we looked, sure enough, there was a blob on the side of the sun in the reflection of the car window. The window was a little dusty and I outlined the sun with my finger and planet x with my finger and there it is! [See Attached Images of similar method]

You should stay away from trying to link together too much BS, and you will be taken as far more truthful and useful as a source of information. Who cares if the elite gather in their DUMB? [Deep Underground Military Bases-Bunkers]. And religious holidays, passing comets, and all other fluff has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with planet X.

You need only to worry about the day Planet X stands so separate from the sun that the whole world looking up sees it and says ‘Holy Crap’. Then you have 50 days until poleshift which will take one hour, and then the aftertime begins. While you sit in safety in Arizona, a 600 ft tidal surge will be sweeping the coastlines of the earth clean. If you have ever tried to corner a dog and see it dart to the left, then you block its way then it darts to the right and you block its way, that is what is happening with Planet X being blocked by the earth, Venus and the dark twin.

Calendars will not help you any better than giving the period of years in which this happens. The actual date is something no man knows, even if a book or a calendar says it is so, it is not so. Books and calendars do not control natural events. If Planet X just came through and kept on going, a date could be calculated. But when it blocks three planets from going forward, and the three planets block it from going past, it is not predictable.

This is why the Annunaki always had the gold ready to be transferred from earth to Nibiru the minute it stopped. If they waited one extra minute, it might have gone and the opportunity to offload the gold, gone, for another 3657 years. Pole shift always occurs as it leaves, not when it comes, not when it stops. As they were already on Nibiru, leaving with the gold, they would not know where the new north pole would be located, and what would be sunk, and what would be upthrust upon their return. So that is why they built the pyramids and other markers around the globe, so when they returned, they could find the gold fields to pick up the next load of gold we, the slaves, had mined for them.

10/10 is poleshift, and we are in 7/10. Seven of ten does not end until Japan is shattered south to north and within hours the New Madrid goes off and within hours the Atlantic Rift rips wider and sends a tidal wave over the UK and Denmark. Part of 7/10 is also the eastern edge of the Eurasian plate buckling, and the northern tip of South America moving 400 miles to the west, while the southern tip remains firmly fixed, thus opening up a huge crack in eastern Brazil and Argentina. 8/10 and 9/10 may take only weeks instead of years.

So what you call the day of judgment is a naturally reoccurring event, that in this time will give everyone one last chance before they die, to make the right choice of empathy and service to others. This is also a natural development in the progression of soul progress, not a mean spirited act from a vengeful god. Put some perspective on this! This is like going down to the low tide mark and trying to say god is punishing you with the high tide. It is like thinking if you think pretty thoughts and pay more money to be ‘ascended’, the tide will not come in and drown you! Wake Up!

In the aftertime, no more selfish service to self souls will be born here, so the meek will inherit the earth. The meek not stupid, the unselfish, not the selfish. That part of the picture is a one time thing, a graduation of earth to a higher frequency where unselfish ETs of every kind will join the unselfish humans to build a new world.


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